800 HP Challenger Hellcat Witnesses Cops Chasing Down Street Racers

If cops are out to bust up a gang of street racers, the fact that they end up pulling over only one car should make everyone else feel lucky.

To be fair, it would be remarkably ambitious – probably even dangerous – of whoever is behind the wheel of that cop car, to try to pull over more than one perpetrator during this type of operation.

The video starts off with the camera car, an 800 HP Hellcat, witnessing a race between a Nissan GT-R and a Corvette Z06, which ended rather predictably, but we’ll let you see how that went down. What’s really interesting is the manner in which the Hellcat hung on to film the race, before itself taking on the GT-R near the end of the video.

That’s another battle we won’t spoil for you, though we will say that it was pretty intense to watch – it’s hard to get enough of seeing the Hellcat do its thing, especially when it’s using even more power than its stock 707 horses.

Soon after that race is over, the Hellcat passes a police car, which starts to follow the pack of street racers – though that doesn’t stop the Z06 and a bunch of Caddys from breaking the law continuously…

After the cops pull over the Corvette, the show goes on as we see the 800 HP Hellcat stretch its muscles on a straight line.