Kuhl Racing’s Crazy Gold Chrome Nissan GT-R Poses In First Photoshoot

The gold chrome engraved Nissan GT-R created by Kuhl Racing was certainly one of the highlights of the Tokyo Auto Salon and now, the Japanese tuner has released some stunning pictures of the car in its very first photoshoot.

As we mentioned in the lead-up to the car’s Tokyo unveiling, its extreme bodykit had a number of intricate designs engraved into it by some exceptionally talented local artists.

The bespoke body panels were initially adorned with a chrome finish before a coat of gold was applied to make it stand out even further. Completing the exterior look is a set of aftermarket wheels, a new rear diffuser and a small rear wing.

Beyond the bodykit, one of the car’s most interesting elements is its unique exhaust system. Created in-house by Kuhl, the exhaust consists of three massive blue-tipped central tailpipes which when viewed at from below, are true pieces of art.

Another notable component of the car is the customised twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine which has also been applied with a chrome gold finish. It looks so good that at Tokyo, Kuhl finished another GT-R engine in gold chrome and put it on display.