Highest Mileage Lexus LFA Has Been Driven 33,000 Miles In 9 Months!

While it took over nine years for Lexus to approve the LFA for production, the supercar certainly fulfilled Toyota’s chief executive’s goal of it being a true icon of the Lexus brand.

Alongside its advanced aerodynamics, potent on-track performance and relatively luxurious interior, the LFA’s most incredible feature is certainly its engine. A race-derived V10 displacing 4.8-liters, its engine can scream to 9,500 before the fuel cutoff and pumps out 552 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque.

Given that only 500 examples of the LFA were produced of which just 150 arrived in the U.S. for at least $375,000, you could easily excuse owners for not driving their screaming Japanese supercars very often. The following owner in the U.S. however, isn’t like most.

Since purchasing his LFA second hand nine months ago, he has traveled an incredible 33,000 miles (over 53,000 km) which equates to around 122 miles (196 km) every single day, easily making this LFA the highest mileage example on earth having already driven 7,000 miles with its first owner.

To make sure the car stands out, the owner has had it installed with a custom matte black wrap and a set of aftermarket wheels and over 40,000 miles later, it is still howling like it did the day it left the factory.