Honda Accord Crashes Into Florida House Before Driver Disappears

A mid-2000s Honda Accord crashed into a house in Lauderhill, Florida on Wednesday leaving a couple with minor injuries and police searching for the missing driver.

Just before midnight on Wednesday, the sedan smashed through the home owner’s bedroom before careening through a hallway and into a bathroom.

Once police and fire crews arrived, the couple were taken to a nearby hospital with their 14-year-old daughter suffering from minor injuries, including a gash to the man’s skull and lacerations across his wife’s body.

By the time police arrived however, the Honda driver had fled the scene and was nowhere to be found, prompting an unsuccessful search.

Describing the scene, next door neighbour Terrance Gaines said:

 “I heard a boom, came outside, saw clouds of smoke and my neighbors were frantic, in a panic. All the neighbors came outside and tried to help, then cops arrived and fire rescue showed up. His skull was bleeding, his wife had lacerations all over her body, she was covered in blood and [their daughter’s] eye was swelling up a little bit. They were scared, panicked a lot.”

Bizarrely, this is actually the second time a car has run into the house with a police chase about a year ago resulting in a similar crash.