Porsche 911 R Leaked: This Is Your Manual GT3

A set of official photos has been leaked online showing the new 911 R that’s supposed to be more about driver interaction than Nurburgring records.

From what we can see on the low-res images, Porsche confirmed the reports by removing most of the hardcore aero bits off the GT3 for the R version.

It may seem like a wolf in sheep’s attack dog clothing, but vierenzestig.nl says it’s using the 4.0-litre flat-six of the GT3 RS instead of the expected 475hp 3.8-litre engine of the GT3. This should mean that no less than 500hp will be at your service through a manual gearbox.

No word on whether it’ll be a limited edition yet, but making a point about offering the best possible driver engagement, we’re certain are already lining up en masse.

The new Porsche 911 R is going to debut at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow, though we expect specs will be made public today.

H/T to Car Throttle!