Russia Puts Together Hummer Crash Compilation

If there ever was a case for people driving extremely large cars and behaving in an uncivilized and/or careless manner, this video will definitely stand up in court.

Instead of labeling an entire country, let’s just take a look at what certain people get into once they find themselves behind the wheel of their monstrous vehicle on the streets of Europe. Is there something about huge vehicles that just makes somebody behave irresponsibly?

After watching this footage, you might tend to say yes. In a sense, drivers who can barely afford an entry-level hatchback can differ from those who think they should get a freaking Hummer, in a society where most drivers aren’t used to cars that big.

But what makes you plow over traffic signs and use the road like your personal driveway? It could just be the sense of empowerment you get from being inside a larger than life car. It may be as simple as something like that getting to people’s heads and they go on to treat others like anything but their equals.

Also, you’re going to see a little bit of everything in this compilation. From crashes that are flat out the Hummer driver’s fault, to others where that big old gas guzzler is nothing more than a victim – funny how there don’t seem to be that many of those.