This Cheap Manual BMW 850i Could Be Someone’s Dream Project Or Worst Nightmare

There aren’t many manual V12s out there, especially BMWs for that amount of money, but as always, not everything is as it seems.

This 1992 BMW 850i is up for grabs, with the seller asking for just $7,000. The German coupe is far from spotless, but it has the very rare and desirable six-speed manual gearbox which could turn it into someone’s perfect project car.

The car itself has seen better days judging from the bad photos and the even worse aftermarket wheels, but it’s described as a daily driver with a service history on the Craigslist ad which is always encouraging news.

Apart from the tired paint, the body looks straight enough with the cabin appearing to be in a descent status, despite the sagging headliner. As ever, the major point of concern with the 8-Series is the electrical system with the numerous power accessories onboard to be a potential failure.

The manual 850i featured a very long 2.9:1 final drive ratio which helped it reach 190mph once delimited, or so the legend goes. The owner swapped the factory ratio with a shorter 3.9 which makes for a claimed better drivability in Seattle’s hilly roads.

The sale includes the original differential and many spare engine parts. Once BMW’s flagship, this manual 850i could be someone’s perfect opportunity for some V12 goodness, providing he knows a thing or two.

H/T To BaT!