This Is How The Porsche 911 Evolved Through Time

It took 53 years for the 911 to become the finely honed sports car that it is today.

The iconic Porsche always had some handling due to its engine hanging out in the back and demanded the “slow in, fast out” approach – or else…

Though the brand itself tried to kill it with the 928, customers prevailed and, instead, it continued to evolve and develop the car transforming it from a “widowmaker” to a much more forgiving, yet great to drive, sports car.

This resulted in a unique lineage that Porsche can rightfully claim starting with the 901. Moreover, its continuous involvement in motorsport not only helped improve the breed, but added to it pedigree and made it the default choice for countless privateers.

The following video takes s throughout the 911’s history, highlighting the most recognizable variants that left their print embedded in motoring history. The tricky part is singling one out as the one to have in our garage.