Carbonfiber Dynamics 700 PS BMW M4 Is Not Kidding

You don’t need a genuine M4 GTS to have a little bit of fun on the circuit; a stock one tuned to 700 hp will do just fine.

Carbonfiber Dynamics’s pumped up M4 will drain your pocket just as fast, but it’s an intriguing way of stretching the regular model’s limits.

As a distributor of different carbon-fiber-made vehicle parts, the German tuner knows a thing or two about the composite material, and it shows. Named the M4R, the high-performance cope is garnished with a carbon-fiber-made Varis Carbon front lip, an Alpha-N adjustable rear wing, carbon bonnet, side sills and diffuser, each one designed to improve aerodynamics.

The really interesting part though is its power. A Burger Motorsport JB4 system with fine adjustment and CANBUS command with eight different ECU maps (from everyday use to racing and “low torque” settings). Moreover, the BMW also received a down pipe, a new Akrapovic exhaust, an AGA valve command, new turbos and methanol injection. The result? 700 PS and 827 Nm of torque on 2.3 bars of boost, although now the M4 runs at a steady “almost” 600 hp.

Even so, mastering that much oomph takes a lot of skill; the kind that separates the men from the boys. Good thing then that the M4 already comes with a superb chassis straight out of the factory.