This Twin-Turbo Ferrari F430 Race Car Is Owned By A Swiss Billionaire

Billionaires, just like us normal folk, need to engage in passions to retain their sanity and given their almost unlimited wealth, can often do so in ways we can only dream of.

One such billionaire is Swiss businessman Jurg Marquard who in his down time, likes to drive his custom twin-turbocharged Ferrari F430 racing car. Filmed here at the famed Monza circuit in Italy, Marquard clearly likes speed like the rest of us and while his private race car perhaps isn’t as impressive an XX-badged Ferrari model, it’s still capable of some impressive speeds, despite being rather out-dated.

Since the launch of the F430, Ferrari’s racing department has created racing variants of both the 458 Italia and most recently, the 488 GTB. In its most potent guise, the 488 GT3 includes a range of aerodynamic changes to improve its on-track capabilities.

Given Marquard’s wealth, he could happily purchase one without a second thought. If only we could do the same…