Annoyed By Chevy’s ‘Real People, Not Actors’ Ads? Watch This!

Among Chevy’s fun and highly creative videos, you’ll also find the ones where they show off a car to the so called “real people, not actors”, which just seems to rub certain viewers the wrong way.

Chevy has done some pretty cool things lately, when it comes to their ads. They’ve been heavily promoting the Malibu and the Silverado, and they’ve even hired famous director Sam Raimi to orchestrate a sort of horror movie-like trailer, expected to reach nearly 2,300 theaters over the span of 6 months.

So what is it about the ads that feature the so called “real people, not actors” that makes them so controversial? One reason we might not believe they’re genuine is because they just feel so scripted, like reality TV, more or less. One of our readers fairly pointed out that not all people are car enthusiasts and can be easily fooled into thinking a non-premium but well-equipped, latest generation mid-size sedan could be a Lexus or something else for which you’d need to pay a great deal of money.

The problem is that those of us who do love cars, feel like Chevy is cheating because if they truly believed something like their 2016 Malibu could pass for a premium vehicle, they should just camouflage the exterior and get some real automotive minds in there to see if they think the car is a Lexus or a Tesla! Fair?

With that in mind, the following video will most likely make your day if you’re not a fan of Chevrolet awarding themselves brownie points – regardless of those people being actors or not. So get ready to laugh!


  • Finkployd


  • Mind Synthetic

    so true. gotta be an idiot to buy that

    • Polyester Poontang

      What model did you buy?

  • kachuks

    At least the Matt McConaughey spoofs generated good buzz for the brand, but yeah this guy said what we were all thinking.

  • Jay

    Even without badges you can tell if the car is not an Audi, BMW, or anything else high end.. Those are just normal people with inexpensive cars wouldn’t know any better.

    • Hugh Jorgan

      You’re right, but the Chevy does look MUCH better than the Audi and BMW entry level cars that are away more expensive and have attributes that the average person would never use.
      Not everyone is driven to buy a status symbol car……which is over 90% of car buyers.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Thank you.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    One of our readers fairly pointed out that not all people are car enthusiasts and can be easily fooled into thinking a non-premium but well-equipped, latest generation mid-size sedan could be a Lexus or something else for which you’d need to pay a great deal of money.

    I know that guy 🙂

    • ftyjyry

      So Chevy is basically saying, “people who don’t know anything or care about cars, love us!”


  • Kenneth

    The “non-actors” are so impressed that this car “starts at $22,500,” while the small print discloses that the car they’ve been shown is actually $36,500, a huge over-50% more, and certainly – if not a deal-killer – a reason to temper their enthusiasm.

  • no25

    tf did i just watch

  • KidRed

    The first round of this commercial had an actor say “it looks like it costs $80k”
    The 2nd round of this commercial had an actor say “it looks like a BMW”
    The 3rd round (seen last night) of this commercial had an actor say “it looks like an Audi”
    I expect there to be a few rounds of “this looks like a Lexus” or “this looks like a Mercedes”

    So lame. In the end, the car in the commercial is still a $35k Chevy.

    • n7mk

      Or maybe the actor will say “it looks like a Bentley” Or a Maserati.

  • Mark Nixon

    Thought I was alone. Please cut this 2×6 piece of wood. You can use your choice of a butter knife or a skill-saw. Uh Uh. And lose John and his beard.

  • Hussey

    I Hate these commercials.. Honestly, hate.

    • jasonxyz

      ha ha, i never thought i would be bothered to comment on a commercial but the pretentious asshole that moderates the focus groups for Chevrolet agitates me. I hate honestly hate these commercials.

  • Superfly1972

    Where did they get these morons? The idiot woman in the plaid flannel jacket like she is a lumberjack and those stupid women who pretend to be amazed that the car is a Malibu. Are they that stupid when they hit the set and in reality know what is going to happen?

  • Superfly1972

    The Chevy ads are annoying but not as annoying as the new Honda ads where the woman is serenaded by a men’s choir and the man is serenaded by a woman’s choir. Those two notes prior to the ads are equally annoying. All car ads are annoying. Sure get your wife a Lexus, Mercedes, Audi or an Infiniti for Christmas.

  • ftyjyry

    Real people do not say those things about Chevy. I don’t think I even know anybody that owns a Chevy. I’ve had a few as rental cars but I was never sad about returning it.

    If those aren’t paid actors, they’re complete idiots.

  • suse

    “All that technology…” (not at $22.5, you moron, lmao). well if you call carpet technology…..

  • suse

    Actors are “real people too…”

  • American GunNut

    I hate the super cool, relaxed focus group guy. Enough with the weak, femmy voice and words. What’s the matter with you?? You can act like a man!

    • Dave

      Exactly. If he is not a homo he missed a great chance.
      I also noticed they don’t say anything about the billions they screwed the us people out of when they bought back their stock from the government. I’ll never ever buy a gm car. Should have went bankrupt.

  • Polo Gonzalez

    Real people, & real stupid!

  • Hambone

    These Chibby ads are SOOOOO simple-minded and half-fast, they are just pathetic. Perhaps they work for a Dumbed-Down Dummy like these, whose group IQ is just north of 80 on a warm June day.

  • PoedWG

    Please let me punch the host in the face!

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