BMW, Mercedes-Benz Battle For Premium Segment Lead, Audi Trails

The Munich-based automaker was last month’s winner in battle between the three German premium manufacturers.

With 163,965 vehicles, BMW recorded a sales increase of 7.9 percent, followed by Mercedes-Benz Cars, with 143,767 (up 11.8 percent) and Audi closing the podium with 126,500 units (up 3.3 percent).

Sales in Europe were strong, with the Bavarian brand, which managed to deliver 11.4% more BMW and MINI vehicles (277,304 total) in the first two months of the year. In fact, all markets achieved a sales growth, with double-digit recorded in several countries, including Italy (+12.4%), France (+13.2%) and Spain (+22.5%).

In January and February, Mercedes-Benz Cars sold more vehicles worldwide than BMW, with 303,905 deliveries accounting for a 15.6 percent increase, while Audi delivered 3.6 percent more cars to their customers, at 269,650.

In North America, BMW scored a total of 25,337 sales, including the MINI brand, down 12.4 percent from 28,921 last month, but Mercedes-Benz has seen a 0.4 percent increase with 26,852 units delivered in the NAFTA region. Audi sold approximately 14,450 vehicles in North America, last month, with the USA remaining the largest markets (11,718 units; +2.3%), while Canada and Mexico have witnessed a double-digit growth, by 18.9% and 15.6%, respectively.

BMW’s best-sellers in February were its compact and SUV vehicles, such as the X1, X3, 1-Series and 2-Series, while the three-pointed star “focused” on the A-Class, B-Class, CLA, GLA and GLC.


  • pcurve

    wow… BMW sold same number of Z4 as i8. I really like Z4 and they’re practically giving them away at $500/month for $53,000 car. And still nobody is buying them.

    • thunder bolt

      perhaps because it’s $53,000, so nobody is buying.

      • Grumpy

        If it had a solid roof and M car performance that would sell, but for some reason BMW doesn’t care enough to make a pure M sports car. It may be because people also want a practical car. Something with a usable trunk or rear seats.
        They would also need to drop the price. A C7 costs nearly the same and has much more power and presence. So fixed roof and 12.5k cheaper across the board.

        Z4 sDrive28i should be 37k, Z4 sDrive35i should be 46k, and a M2 powered version should be 57k

        • pcurve

          the problem is you can buy 228i convertible for 40k and probably heck of a lot more sporty. Last gen SLK used to be quite popular, but I hardly see the new one on the road. They may need to kill off Z4 at this rate.

          • Grumpy

            The Z4 should have been the hard core M sport/ M Model and with that a much lower price point. The SLK needs to go down the same road if it is to survive.
            Like a baby AMG GT.

  • MarkoS

    I will take the Audi please.

    • Six Thousand Times

      But are you going to BUY one?

  • Mercedes-Benz is annihilating BMW and Audi in terms of sales in Australia.

  • nunomaiaGMR

    Considering the actual sale prices I wonder if Audi is still to be considered premium in the other league as the other two. The new A4 initiated sales with 4k promotional discounts. And from there the gap to a c-class easily increases with negotiating. And right now one can easily get a A3 sportback for the same price as a Nissan Qashqay, spec for spec!