Dodge’s Batman Vs Superman TV Spot Challenges The Batmobile

Since Jeep has already made headlines as a hero car in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flick, perhaps the only way to go for Dodge was to have the Challenger give the Batmobile a run for its money as the villain’s ride.

The narrator of the new Dodge spot says that the “world needs villains, and villains need cars” and there you have the Challenger trying to get away from the Batmobile – though we’re pretty sure no Hellcat is going to stop the Bat from getting to you.

Dodge are trying to sell themselves off as worthy partners in crime for Gotham City baddies, and they’re doing it in a more obvious fashion than Toyota did during Super Bowl weekend when the Prius served as a getaway car for a bunch of bank robbers.

The video features drifting, yelling and scowling. Even so, we’re looking forward to seeing Batman’s new ride being put to much better use than chasing down criminals…with no super powers.