This 1987 BMW 325i Convertible Looks Like A Pregnant Guppy

Who can forget the 1980s; a decade of perms, fingerless gloves, pre-ripped clothes, and shoulder pads – not only for your wardrobe, but your rides as well. And let’s not forget, BMW’s purposeful boxy E30 3-Series that served as the ultimate yuppie’s chariot during those years.

Ironically, nowadays, unmolested (manual) E30s are falling into the hands of automotive enthusiasts and connoisseurs who fancy the 3-Series’ uncomplicated pureness, and are driving up prices, but some examples serve to remind us of its tackier nature and allure within the tuning communities of the 1980s and 1990s.

German tuners like Koenig, Folger and Rieger were at their heights creating ridiculously wide kits, usually adorned with side strakes unashamedly copied from the 1980s supercar poster child, the Ferrari Testarossa.

In fact, the white 1987 BMW 325i Convertible that’s up for sale on eBay right now originally came with those faux side vents, but the current owner says they were “deleted to give more of a BMW M3 Style look”. The seller doesn’t say which widebody kit was used here, however, the styling of the fenders and bumpers point to one of Folger’s offerings.

It’s got a “month old” paintjob together with new tires size 225/15 front and 275/15 rear, with the seller adding that the straight-six is “for now, running good”.

We’ll leave the rest of the commentary to you.

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  • This means that somewhere a (Opel) Manta took a deep breath and said: “Another day, another win.”

  • Andrewthecarguy

    That interior though!

    I’ll take the E30 in pic 20 and the wagon in pic 7.

  • Six Thousand Times

    And this is what today’s tuner cars will look like in 30 years.

  • BMW Roolz

    Yup. Just get out the old spray can. Don’t worry about taking things apart and masking things off. Just spray. Go nuts and don’t hold back. When finished, give it the old thumbs up.

  • SFV Alex

    The vehicle in question is described as “tacky” and “ridiculous.” Widened with a garish paint job. Yet when this is applied to an old Porsche 911 with a Rauh Welt windscreen banner, it’s cool?