Facelifted Toyota GT 86 Replaces Scion FR-S, Will Debut In New York

The Scion brand has been axed by Toyota, but the FR-S will continue to live in the States as the GT 86, which has received a few tweaks for the 2017 MY.

Previewed by the manufacturer ahead of its public debut, which will take place at the 2016 New York Auto Show next week, the compact rear-wheel drive coupe features a more aggressive styling.

Changes to the exterior include reconfigured LED headlights and turn signals, revised front bumper, larger center air intake, LED taillights and a new rear bumper design, joined by the fresh wheels, with a twisted spoke pattern and the 86 logos, incorporated into a badge on the front fender.

Inside, the car features the 86 logo on the “Grandlux” material used on the instrument panel and door trim, which is basically a combination of Alcantara and leather upholstery. The sporty steering wheel, slightly tweaked, with the 86 logo on the center hub, and the new seat upholstery with silver stitching contribute to its new look.

Mods have been made underneath its body, too. where the suspension now has revised shock absorber tuning and different spring rates, for “easier control and increased agility“, as the manufacturer explains. The 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder engine has 5 HP more, for a total of 205 HP and 156 lb-ft (212 Nm) of torque, and a new gear ratio on the manual version.

The 2017 Toyota GT 86 will go on sale towards the end of this year. Pricing is yet to be announced, but it will be similar to the FR-S, which starts from $27,200.


  • Six_Tymes

    looking forward to seeing this in person. all the updates sound great, these images look good, i like the rear lights now, the minor change helps. I hope the interior is better? if so im in for one.

    • Mind Synthetic

      you are right, i really do hope they improve on the interior center console, it was quiet tasteless before. exterior is a huge improvement. and to all the people crying for more power HA 5 more HP, take that lol

      • Bo Hanan

        You and Six_Tymes are ridiculous. The (improvements?) are a joke and not worth the asking of an almost $35K (sports?) car. I’d rather get a 1 year old BMW M235i for the money and smoke this thing.

        • Justin Spencer

          Where are you getting the $35,000 asking price from??? It starts around $25,000.

          • Bo Hanan

            Out the door baby!

          • Aquaflex

            Yeah it’s $25k

          • Bo Hanan

            The ad says it starts at over $27K.
            Now add the dealer extras and your own must-have options, and-

          • SomeRandomCommenter

            My BRZ was 30k CAD out the door, doubt this would go to 35k :/

        • Mind Synthetic

          So why aren’t you, relax we all have our own opinions. I like the facelift, not forcing anyone else to like it. Besides I’m not in the market for a sports car, I’m waiting for a v90.

          • Bo Hanan

            My M5 does just fine. Thanks!

          • Mind Synthetic

            Glad to hear,happy SPD

        • Obsequious Lickspittle

          I just enjoy the grip of the thing as it takes corners like a go-kart.

  • Gustavo Adriano

    I like the minor changes, but I missed a detail that I liked very much in the previous model, this one:

    • Six_Tymes

      yeah, i agree that is a great detail.

  • Vassilis

    Looks nice!

  • FlameWater

    Should of been a Toyota badge in the first place

    • Rich Money

      I believe you mean “should have been”


  • samurai

    Hopefully they are making an huge overhaul for the interior. The cheap plastic and buttons, the small and dated navi are not something to expect in a 2016 car

  • BlackPegasus

    Nice. Hopefully that incredibly cheap looking interior will soon get an upgrade as well.

  • KidRed

    They ruined the front end and added Valenti aftermarket tails to the rear. 5hp more is just a paper number.

  • Skye

    Sedan? Half sedan? ugly eco car? lets just slap a GT emblem on it and rip them off

  • Ty

    These guys actually took a 370z nose and slapped it on front of this car lol

  • Zazzspeed

    According to the press release the former Scion will be called the Toyota 86 in the USA, NOT GT 86

  • fabri99

    I liked it better before. It was sharper and overall cleaner, now it looks more like the BRZ.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Rich Money

    as long as it has that stupid fender vent, it will always be flawed.

  • WTF

    $27,000 for a 205hp sports coupe that wont out run a Camry? what a joke. For that same money you can get cars that handle well look good and are fast making this thing the same as when it first came out a good idea poorly executed.

  • Honda NSX-R

    That front end is hideous

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