Honda To Give Away Celebrity-Tuned 2016 Civic

Popular music artists Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas got to customize a Honda Civic and a Grom motorcycle which are going to be given away on a competition.

The competition will be held along the Honda Civic Tour which will be headlined by the two popular artists and will visit to 37 cities throughout the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and more.

Fans will be able to win a 2016 Honda Civic that’s been customized and autographed by Demi Lovato, a Honda Grom also customized and autographed by Nick Jonas or a trip to the tour’s final show in Los Angeles.

Although we get that an autograph from your favorite artist is something to treasure, we are not so sure that we would want to drive around with something that looks like this but we are old and we don’t know any better.

If you are interested in entering the competition, go to the to find more info or to the to join in.


  • fabri99

    I love what they did with the headlamps.

  • Kash

    Tuned? No. Styled? Yes.

  • mb4design

    Guess I’m old too, but if it’s free I guess it would be worth paying for wrap removal. Please tell me it’s just a wrap.

  • T_Cake

    The little Grom doesn’t look half bad. Just have to take a Magic Eraser to the Jonas kid’s signature. Don’t want to get beat up, you know.

  • Pepto-Bismo?

    • Six_Tymes

      i agree, puke at 60mph

  • Six_Tymes