Kia KX5 Chinese Spot Features Marvel’s Quicksilver

It seems that Kia plans to associate themselves as much as possible with the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie, which in this case is good, since everyone loved this particular version of Quicksilver.

Of course, the idea behind the spot is to mainly promote the KX5 SUV, otherwise known as the fourth-generation Sportage that made its debut last year back in September at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show.

The Sportage is simply the latest “X-Car” that Kia have showcased, as they’ve also been relying on the Sorento during past commercials, such as the one featuring Rafael Nadal.

This time, it’s Quicksilver himself, played by Even Peters, who lends a helping hand making this video a lot more interesting. Also, this is the Quicksilver that most comic book fans seem to prefer over the one from the Avengers: Age of Ultra movie, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

One other difference between this KX5 and the other Sportage that Kia used while promoting the latest X-Man film, is the absence of an X-livery, which makes sense since this video focuses more on the car than on the movie itself.