Peugeot And Citroen Considering Return To North America

PSA’s officials are currently weighing in the possibility of the group’s launch on the North American market.

There is nothing official at this point, but speaking to Automobilwoche at the Geneva Motor Show, the firm’s chiefs have suggested such a possibility, which seems more feasible as PSA is now profitable.

PSA’s international growth strategy will be detailed on April 5, but the DS brand might lead the firm’s export efforts: “Our restructuring program, Back in the Race, has been successfully completed, and the subject of the United States comes on the table“, commented the brand’s chief, Yves Bonnefont.

However, the company’s North American introduction will be complex as it lacks both a manufacturing base and a dealer network. “Pricing is an issue. Everyone else – Audi, BMW, Mercedes, has manufacturing there“, added PSA’s chief, Richard Lucki, according to AutoNews.

Citroen’s brand CEO, Linda Jackson, is optimistic when it comes to the North American market: “I want to make Citroen a more international brand. North America is a growth region, and therefore, we look at the resources that may arise there.”

The last time Citroen sold a car in the United States was back in 1974, but while the firm backed away, Peugeot managed to deliver vehicles on the market for another 17 years, until 1991.

This is not the only market that sparked the interest of PSA Peugeot Citroen, as the company is has also entered Iran, where DS already has opened its first store.

Note: DS E-Tense Concept pictured