Mercedes-AMG’s 2017 E63 Super Wagon For The Spoiled Family Guy

Whereas BMW’s M division has shied away from wagons lately, Mercedes-AMG continues to believe in practical and roomy estates with supercar-rivaling levels of performance.

We caught up with the upcoming 2017 Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon, which will also go by the names ‘T-Modell’ and ‘Estate’, as the German firm’s engineers were unloading it off one of their transport trucks.

It shares its revised chassis and the next iteration of the Mercedes-AMG’s 4.0-liter bi-turbocharged V8 gasoline lump with the upcoming E63 sedan, with the latter to be offered in two states of tune, delivering around 550hp in base trim and possibly over 600hp in ‘S’ guise, compared to 518hp (525PS) and 577hp (585PS) from the current model’s 5.5-liter V8.

Both rear-wheel and ‘4MATIC’ all-wheel drive versions will be on the table (dependent on the market), with the smaller displacement V8 to be connected for the first time with an AMG-tuned iteration of Merc’s nine-speed automatic and a high-performance electronically controlled rear differential.

While maintaining the same voluminous cargo area as the regular E-Class Wagon – albeit, expected to be slightly reduced over today’s model that has a monstrous 695 liter boot capacity which can be increased to 1,950 liters with the rear seats folded down, due to the less boxy styling of the rear end, the E63 AMG will add model-specific design details for a spicier look.

These include a bespoke front bumper with hefty air-vents, an AMG grille, expanded fenders, bigger alloys shod in ultra-wide rubber, side skirts and a rear diffuser flanked by twin pipes on either side. Your average Joe won’t be able to tell it apart from the lesser versions, but those who do, should probably stay out of its way when seeing it in their rear view mirror.

The new E63 AMG Wagon should make its appearance in the second half of the year, possibly at this fall’s Paris Auto Show.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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