Would You Pay $7 Million For A Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition?

Nearly four years after the Lexus LFA’s production ended in late 2012, Japan’s first supercar of the 21st century is rubbing shoulders with Italy’s finest exotics in the used car market.

When it was brand new, the base LFA was priced at $375,000, but then came the Nurburgring Edition, which added $70,000 for an assortment of performance goods.

Among these was a 10 HP boost for the V10 mill, a larger front spoiler, a fixed rear wing, re-tuned suspension,  a tweaked 6-speed sequential transmission, and new wheels and tires that all helped shave an impressive 8.85 seconds off the standard model’s Nordschleife lap time. For another $20k, Lexus would also paint your special edition in matte black.

Out of a total production run of 500 LFAs, only 50 cars were built to Nurburgring Edition specification, which makes it a very rare car indeed, but there’s a huge distance from its  six-digit MSRP when it was brand new to this example that’s for sale with an asking price of €6,430,000 (equivalent to $7,166,810).

The seller didn’t provide any extra details on the limited edition Lexus LFA on mobile, but it is mentioned that chassis number 00275 was driven for just 680 km (423 miles). As a bonus, the vehicle has been signed by Toyota Motor Company’s CEO, Akio Toyoda.


  • NOPE.

  • Craig

    $7,166,810. sigh. It would be a shameful thing to pay that much for this car.

    • GuilleKnows

      Sure you know what you pay for 🙂

  • Honda NSX-R

    I love this car but that’s just way too much. You can find regular LFA’s that cost as much as an Aventador SV, and I’d go for that instead. A bargain compared to this.

    • pur_sang

      aventador sv is the best bargain out there.

      • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

        Compared to a Scion on steroids that won’t sell? Yup!!

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      Yup! If I going to spend that much it’s gonna be a Bugatti or Ferrari 599 GTO, or La Ferrari that would spank this overgrown Scion right off the track.

  • Carlos Gamarra

    That’s expensive as hell

  • pur_sang

    seller smoking some really good stuff

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      You ain’t kidding bro!🤒🤒🤒

  • SamuraiJack

    I don’t think there’s anyone dumb enough and rich enough to go for this

    • surfshop

      Trust me, the world is full of potatoes

  • jas

    there was a identical Nurburgring LFA (same color, specs) for sale by a dealer in Vancouver, Canada no more than 4 months ago for around $750,000 CAD (around $600,000 USD at the time).Had under 500kms. This costs almost 10X as much, why? Is the Toyota CEO’s signature really worth over six million dollars?

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      Lol!!! What are they smoking?? 😂😂😂

  • TheBelltower

    When it was new, Toyota couldn’t sell them because it wasn’t worth what they were asking for it. Why would anyone pay a premium to what it cost when it was new, let alone this absurd amount?

    • Tydogg123 .

      Technically you could only lease them at first. It was stupid.

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      The truth has been spoken. I remember one at the Lexus dealer by my place that sat in the showroom for 2 years and 4 months until it went to the Lebanon. Toyota realized the error and pulled the plug on it shortly thereafter. I guess the loss of money on the lfa and the sticky pedal scandal proved to be one of the biggest financial disasters in Toyota’s history.

  • You_Started_It

    10 HP boost !!! Hardly cheek flapping….lol

  • surfshop

    There will obviously be douche that will buy this…. Its a shame to spend so much on trash that’s gonna sit in a garage…This goes for any over expensive thing. I say this… Take your heaps of money and start a project, institution, organization to improve people’s lives. Do something that really matters in the world.

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      Even a douche ain’t that dumb. Lol!

  • Vesta12

    Nah, I’d buy 2 Chiron’s, and spec them with everything.

    • Cooldude

      The best common found here

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      Uhhh Huhhh!! And spank the Nurburgring LF-A off the track.😏😏😏

  • Mind Synthetic

    as much as i love this car, im sorry but no. However, for regular guy who makes an average salary it will always be a no go, but for people who make 7mill in a month its pocket change and could be a bargain. this is how i see it though.

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      Precisely and even that kind of owner would rather buy a slew of other much better performance car than an overgrown scion on steroids. Sounds mean but it’s just the truth. Lol.


    poor people don’t understand
    The rich think differently

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      Exactly! The itch see this and LOL!! Their way to the next article. Smh.

  • Matt T

    Yawn. It’s still a jenky Toyota with unrefined design language.

  • Skye

    Says March 15 not April fools day, and reminds me of a kitchen appliance for a beach house

  • InCotexM 3

    No!! Anyone who does that will need a psychiatric evaluation 🙂

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      And a good Bankruptcy Lawyer on hand.

  • surfshop

    Its a toyota, so no

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      Thank you!

  • robbobster

    Did anyone RTFA that the author links to?
    They’re asking $700,000, not $7 million

    • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

      Well now it makes a whole lotta sense. Still $700k is wayyyy to much.

  • Exposing B-LIES-Matter

    Yawn😴💤 I mean what is so special about an lfa? Bottom line is it will sit collecting dust waiting for a $7million dollar payday. Much like it did when it sat in showrooms unsold for 2 years or more, I Why? Because it’s a Toyota on steroids. Everything it has, and anything does is merely an imitation of what Ferrari Lamborghini and Porsche are not only doing but already innovated. So how is this joker going to seriously expect a rich car enthusiast to cough $7mil for that thing which has only been out 4 years??? Publicity stunt much?? Either way I don’t see it fetching more than$500k and that’s if they get extremely lucky. And I can say with certainty that the buyer won’t be from Europe, China, and for sure not the U.S..

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