Modded Z3M Coupe Proves That The Clown Shoe Is A BMW Classic

It is perhaps one of the most polarizing models that came out of BMW’s M department, but whether or not you like the Z3 M Coupe, you can’t deny its charm.

If you walk past the breadvan bodystyle, which I think it works very nicely for the Z3, you realize that all the ingredients for one of BMW’s all-time greats are there: two-seat configuration, a naturally aspirated straight six engine and a chassis tuned by the M guys.

This particular example is one of the nine Laguna Seca Blue S54 original US cars and that makes it even cooler than its own specs. And while some of you might cringe in the thought of modifying such a rare example, relax as the owner just took some minor and easily-reversible steps into making his M Coupe a more rewarding experience.

Matt Farrah drives it in one of his latest One Take videos, filling our ears with that sweet straight-six soundtrack BMWs used to make.

Don’t want to sound old, but they don’t make ’em like they used to.