This 1988 Chevy Sprint With 945HP Could Be America’s Wildest Sleeper

In automotive terms, a sleeper is a car which looks stock, plain and unassuming on the outside- with serious speed and horsepower lurking underneath, and we think we might have just found the ultimate definition of the breed.

This 1988 Chevrolet Sprint began life as GM’s entry level econocar, based on the Suzuki Cultus. With a tiny 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive, nobody would look twice in traffic, let alone size you up for a drag race.

To swap that out for Duttweiler Performance twin-turbo 402ci V8, through a GM TH350 gearbox and shortened Ford 9” differential might raise some eyebrows, but to do all that while retaining the stock look is nothing short of sorcery.

Everything from the stock paint, to the 12” hubcaps, to the steering wheel and gear selector remain. It’s only when you see the rear tire width and bespoke firewall and floorpan from inside that it becomes apparent this car is possessed by a demon. Dynoed at 954HP on pump gas, the car is fully street legal and is listed by Autobarn Classic Cars for $44,995.

With the car’s light weight, compact dimensions and 88-inch wheelbase, it could be quite difficult to tame around corners, but would certainly prove a fun and interesting drive. It’s not every day you find a sleeper of this caliber.

By Mitchell Jones

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  • Six_Tymes

    Wait, WHAT? 945HP?

  • Sleeper

    “…Could Be America’s Wildest Sleeper…”

    Not with rear tyres like that, IMO (picture 19 of 27)

  • TheBelltower

    Whoever built this has a whacky sense of humor

    • hearsetrax

      no worse then what a few did to the chevettes and vegas

  • TheHake

    Friggen LOVE this!

  • fabri99

    Mmh… I’d rather have 945 hp under the hood of a LaFerrari tbh

  • Kenneth Edward Polley

    Almost 1400 hp on race fuel!!