Next Gen Of Jeep Wrangler To Co-Exist With Current One

The current Wrangler model will stay in production for at least six months after the next generation is launched, according to reports.

Fiat-Chrysler has decided to convert the Toledo plant from Cherokee unibody to body-on-frame construction in a move that will boost the annual supply of Wranglers to around 350,000 units, or about 50 per cent more than today’s numbers, says AutoNews.

Jeep is going to move Cherokee production to their Belvidere plant in March 2017 with the Toledo plant to go offline for its conversion which is expected to take about six months.

Brand officials believe that the supply of Wranglers is just behind demand and they are getting ready for the increased sales that’s going to be generated with the launch of the new model.

“It is the incarnation of the most iconic American brand in the world, and the same thing [is true] in China, so demand continues to grow,” said Mike Manley, Head of Jeep brand earlier this month.

The current Wrangler is scheduled to remain in production until March 2018 and is likely to be marketed as the Wrangler Classic. A Wrangler-based pickup truck as well as diesel version of the model are expected to debut in 2018, taking advantage of the added production volume.