Pennzoil Takes Ferrari 488 GTB For A ‘Joyride’

For an oil company, Pennzoil sure know their way around a supercar, as demonstrated in this video, along with their last attempt at having fun on city streets.

Initially, they came out with the Airlift Drift video, which was followed later on by a “prequel”, featuring even more footage and looking like something you’d see in a Hollywood movie. This time, we’re looking at pretty much the same recipe, except that we’re dealing with a completely different animal.

Though the Challenger Hellcat in the Airlift Drift spot was sufficiently cool, the all-new Ferrari 488 GTB is in a whole different league.

So what we’re getting here is some serious action with the 488, backed up by a well-edited gear-banging soundtrack that makes it seem like we’re watching that Aaron Paul Need for Speed flick again. There’s also a behind the scenes video which you can use to see how it all came to be and what the action is actually about.

Spoiler alert: “It’s an undeground group of joyriders seeking the ultimate performance”.


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