Renault Teases Russia-Only Captur, Renames It The Kaptur For This Market

Renault are in the process of extending their range of vehicles with the eagerly awaited all-new Kaptur 4×4 crossover, aimed exclusively at the Russian market.

The new Kaptur will be produced by the Renault Moscow plant, though we’ll need to wait until the end of the month in order to receive more detailed information about it, according to the French automaker.

Also, the reason why the model’s name starts with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C’ is because during the design phase, Renault conducted a survey among Russian customers that showed the ‘K’ underscoring the “Russian Touch” of the new model.

Furthermore, the letter K is associated (in Russian) with the main characteristics of the vehicle itself, namely a high quality, comfortable and good-looking crossover, which are all words that in Russian start with “K” – Качество, Комфорт & Красота.

Renault has stated that there are not plans for their “Kaptur with a K” to be sold anywhere else in Europe.


  • Russian market started to grow again or Renault just didn’t notice that gigantic downfall?

    • Mind Synthetic

      considering Renault owns quiet a large chunk of AutoVaz aka Lada they never left the market.