Tennessee Police Chase Is Straight Outta Hollywood

For Tennessee Highway Patrol to arrest a man suspected of rape and theft, they had to pull off a PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique) maneuver during a high-speed chase.

The video starts off with the police already in pursuit, trying to make their way through traffic on what looks like a very busy highway.

Before anybody gets apprehended, we get a first-person view at a police car running off the road and ended up under a bridge.

In fact, it was another police car that forced that to happen, but the officer behind the wheel of the dashcam cruiser basically ran himself off the road just so he wouldn’t smash into a civilian Ford Fusion. The officer who ultimately performs the PIT maneuver seems to be the same one who accidentally forced his colleague to end up under the bridge, which in turn explains how angry he seemed once the suspect’s car has crashed and why he went to town on it with his baton – which at first seems a bit excessive, unless he was trying to break the glass.

Either way, thankfully no innocent people were hurt during the chase. Over to the lawyers…