The Bugatti Chiron Is Not An Exercise In Restraint

Forget the idea of less being more; the Bugatti Chiron is a reminder of how much more can be.

The ambitious specs were revealed yesterday, but the Chiron is also about creating a stir in front of large crowds, such as the ones at the Geneva Motor Show. The asking price of $2.6 million is just as heart-stopping as the idea that it’s a 260-mph, 1,500-horsepower middle finger to the laws of physics. 

Amongst the hyper Koenigseggs and Ferraris and Lamborghinis, the Chiron represents Bugatti well in the world of insanely fast cars. Every decision on the outside was made for the sake of keeping the car on the ground and slicing through the air.

Unlike others in this class, however, Bugatti remembers details inside and out are everything when the price of entry is this high. And that passersby might like to look at the 8.0-liter W16 as it propels the car very, very forward.

Here’s a nagging thought, however. Make no mistake the Chiron is a Bugatti because it looks an awful lot like the Veyron. It makes sense given the lineage. But imagine if there was no need to make the Chiron obviously a new Veyron and Bugatti just made something breathtakingly beautiful instead. Bugatti isn’t the first brand to exploit square-shaped LED headlights, after all.

Given the long history of art with the Bugatti name, there was more than enough inspiration around to do something … more than a new Veyron.

Of course, that won’t be your first thought the day you come across a Chiron in the wild. Or even your first word around it, because you’ll be speechless.

Photos: Brad Anderson/Carscoops