Tesla Model 3 Pre-Orders Reach 276,000 In The First Three Days

Tesla Motors’ latest product, the Model 3, has turned out to be more popular than initially expected.

Some 276,000 reservations had been made by the end of Saturday. The number speaks for itself, especially since it was reached in just three days, but even if you are one of the future Model 3 owners, who managed to deposit $1,000 for your upcoming ride, don’t expect to take delivery anytime soon.

In fact, the first cars will start appearing on the streets by the end of 2017 the earliest, and they will set their owners back for at least $35,000, before any government incentives for electric vehicles, and also before any options are checked on the list. For the money, the smaller sibling of the Model S will offer a similar styling and enough room for five adults, along with the ability to reach 60 mph, from a standstill, in 6 seconds, while traveling for at least 215 miles (~350 km) on a single charge.

The newest member of the Tesla family can also be ordered in markets outside the United States, including the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, China, India and Brazil, as BBC reports.

Last year, the company delivered 50,580 vehicles, with the Model S saloon leading the way, as it became more popular than the Nissan Leaf, but even so, the firm posted a net loss of $800 million for 2015, mostly because it spent $718 million on research and development over that time period. Tesla plans to build 500,000 units annually, once production will be at full capacity.


  • Sean K

    I have a feeling that those people who pre-ordered the Model 3 based on the “concept car” will be pretty disappointed when the actual production cars reach people’s garage. Well, only if Tesla can really actually produce 276,000 cars..

    • Kash

      considering they only managed ~50k units in 2015 and all but 200 of those were just Model S’s, I’d say they’re gonna be looking at 3-5 years to fill those quarter million orders, and that’s if they actually got all of them or they were all actual orders or if people actually follow through and actually purchase the car and don’t cancel their order.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        Rest assured no one will be getting Model 3s until 2019

        • Kash

          pretty much, and the first ones will only be the top-spec fully optioned ones.

        • Aquaflex

          January 2018…just because you did not pre order but yeah if you preorder right now..then 2019 more likely…

    • europeon

      One can only hope…

  • Anthony Bugge

    With production of models S , X and now 3 does tesla have the capacity to produce 500000 cars annually. ?

  • Aquaflex

    They need to get the gigafactory online and then they have the capacity to build up to 500k teslas per year…they could do it…

    • haudit

      Thanks to the Gigafactory, they’ll soon have the capacity to manufacture 500,000 battery packs annually. However, to actually build 500,000 cars a year, they’re probably going to need a second assembly plant, as their ex-GM/Toyota factory in California has a maximum capacity of around 320,000 units a year.

      • Aquaflex

        MUsk said that factory could do 500k cars per year…

        • Stephen

          Musk has said many times that Tesla will manufacture outside the USA.
          He points out that shipping from America to, say, China would be an unnecessary cost.

  • Sébastien

    The pre-order was actually opened worldwide, only few countries couldn’t (where Tesla isn’t present)

  • Ermal Morina

    wow,this is an insane number.