Tesla Model S Facelift Walkaround Video Shows Real Life Mods

Having a front grille on an electric vehicle is pointless, which is why Tesla Motors decided to drop it from the facelifted Model S, which was introduced last week.

The action has sparked some controversy, as some consider that the electric sedan has lost its flare on the way, but after seeing it in real life, its small “moustache” seems to fit in the redesigned front end that also includes reprofiled bumper and new adaptive full LED headlights, an improvement over the previous model.

Changes made to the profile are on a more subtle level and they will probably go by unseen if one is not a Tesla fan. The same can be said on the interior too, which has gained two new trim accents and the “medical-grade” HEPA air-filtration system from the Model X SUV, which is wrapped in a premium package with leather seats, power liftgate and 3-position LED turning and fog lights, for a $3,000 premium.

Charging the batteries takes less than before, as Tesla has upgraded the internal charger from 40 amps to 48 amps, but changes made to the Model S family could continue, as a P100D is reportedly on its way, although the automaker has yet to announce anything on the new possible range-topper.


  • Kash

    I don’t love the new face, at least not in this video. I like the headlights but i have to agree that the removal of the grille killed the flair of the car for me.

    • Matt


      • Kash

        whoops. lol.

    • Typos1

      Really ? The Model S’s biggest problem is its bland, boring and derivative looks, the new front at least goes some way to making it look more individual and less like one of the horrid new Jags, which also look bland, boring and derivative.

      • Kash

        to me it’s more bland now than before and the whole “grille-less” design is just a copout to me. Like look at how much simpler the face is now. Like the Model S wasn’t a super complexly designed car, but like 30% of the design was in that grille alone and now it’s gone. It was lazy to me when they did it on the Model X but they had the Flacon doors to balance it out, even though the doors are malfunctioning left and right apparently? It was even lazier with the model 3 because it’s an even simpler and minimal design than the S or X, and i think the only facelift that’s been simpler was the 3-series’ where you can look at photos of before and after and still not know which is which. Tesla seems to be relying heavily on the fact it’s an EV and that is has so much power, and they’ve just kinda thrown styling out the window. Look at the 3, it looks so awkward and more like a small MPV than sedan and it’s supposed to go up against the 3-series, C-class, A4, and ATS? I dunno. I guess “simple” can be done in multiple ways but at what point do you say simple is TOO simple?

  • Six_Tymes

    worst hosting of a video ever… the commentary blows.


    • no25

      I liked to see you learn how to turn “Cap Locks” off.

      • Kash

        you have a better chance at winning the lottery tbh.

        • fabri99

          At least there, you actually stand a chance.

  • MultiKdizzle

    I don’t like those air intakes at the bottom corners. They don’t fit the fascia.

  • RDS Alphard

    It looks ugly without a grille , that’s about it .

  • Nordschleife

    Maybe it the headlights and the lower air intake but I am getting preface lifted Hyundai Genesis Coupè vibes.

  • JudeK

    Cars without grilles look weird; I feel the same way about the Model 3.

  • Blanka Li

    Saw three of these on a transporter on the way toward Vegas yesterday. At first, I thought it was the three Model 3’s from the unveiling. Then I realized it was the Model S. Maybe they are trying to homogenize – which is a stupid thing to do. At least the new face makes provisions for a front license plate – something we had to add to the front after a zealous officer write a ticket for lack there of.

  • fabri99

    To me, it looks far better without a fake grille… It made no sense. The only problem, now, is that the front end is shaped to host a grille and now it looks empy. Just like the Model 3.

  • fabri99

    Plus, I just noticed how the Model X isn’t actually any bigger than the S. Not even that much taller really.

    • Kash

      that might be because of how the suspension is set on the Model X, it might be as low as it can go which is pretty low.

      • fabri99

        It might just be that, I actually didn’t thought about it!

  • Enter Ranting

    The problem is that the fascia has all the design elements of a gasoline-powered car, minus the grille, which makes the design look awkward. They should have completely redesigned the elements of the front end, with regards to its electric powertrain, instead of just deleting the grille.

  • Paul Hojda

    I understand the removal of the grille as this is an electric car. But why did they give it the shape of a grille? It almost looks like they forgot to make the cutout for the grille during production. They should have made the nose cone smother and better integrated with the rest of the car

  • KidRed

    A grill is necessary. Not for function, but for balance, composition and another chance to add design detail to the front end of a car.

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