2016 Toyota Tacoma Vs 2017 Honda Ridgeline – Which One Do You Prefer?

This comparison chart was put together with the help of HondaPartsOnline and PartsOlatheToyota, demonstrating that comparing these two pickups isn’t as easy as it may seem.

If overall capability is your number one priority, then the 2016 Tacoma might have the upper hand, but according to HondaPartsOnline director Gib Goodrich, looking strictly at the numbers might cause you to miss out on the intangibles.

“The new Ridgeline is a truck unlike any other,” said Goodrich. “A purely spec-based comparison doesn’t address the Ridgeline’s comfort, high quality interior, or competent road manners. You can’t put those specifications on a chart like this, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.”

While that does make sense from an overall perspective, Tom Blackman from Parts.OlatheToyota likes to look at things a bit differently.

“I appreciate that comparisons can’t be made on specs alone, but numbers matter,” argues the Honda representative. “For years, Honda Ridgeline enthusiasts have been saying ‘look how nice our interior is’ or ‘don’t knock the Ridgeline’s ride and handling until you try it’, but the fact is that the Ridgeline wasn’t a sales success because it wasn’t very capable.”

That sounds to us like ‘shots fired’, because calling the Ridgeline out like that was sort of a low blow. However, looking at the numbers, it’s hard to form an argument against it.

All in all, where Blackman argues that the Tacoma is the more capable truck (particularly off-road) and costs less, Goodrich brings up how the Ridgeline is better than the Tacoma in terms of comfort, interior quality and handling.

Which side are you on?


  • Craig

    I would prefer the Honda. But just barely.

  • tacoma

  • Kash

    I’d take the Tacoma because it looks better than the deformed Pilot that Honda is calling the Ridgeline. personally I liked the Ridgeline as the funky, kinda kitschy kinda chic pickup it was in the same way the Avalanche/EXT were.

  • Bo Hanan

    One is a truck. The other is a minivan with a bed.

    • pcurve

      lmao ouch.

    • Liam Paul

      I wanted to say how dull and uninspiring the honda was and your comment nails it , so I stole it, The Honda Minivan truck . Maybe it will be popular with soccer moms

    • Bob White

      That is true. The chassis is the same as the MDX and the Honda minivan.

  • Zandit75

    Ford Ranger

    • Too small. What you want is an F-950.

  • no25

    Is that even a valid question? Tacoma over that Odyssey truck.

  • Six Thousand Times

    The Toyota, at least it’s the real thing.

  • ck

    Tacoma but I hate trucks.

  • ediotsavant

    If you need a truck, buy a truck.
    If you need to look like you are a truck, buy the wannabe.

  • Liam Paul

    Honda can keep their minivan truck and if I only had to choose between the two, Toyota would win as I do like their trucks but toyota would lose to honda on cars ! BTW I would really buy a GMC

  • hearsetrax

    still rather go to a decent bone yard and get/build a “REAL TRUCK” from the 50s

  • antbee

    Who makes a truck with no AWD/4-wheel drive capabilities? It’s like Bo Hanan said, “minivan with a bed.” I like the original Ridgeline, it is different and quirky-looking, but, I see that Honda has not gotten a handle on the price.

  • Smith

    One is a girls truck, the Honda, and the other is a young mans truck, the Tacoma. Totally different customers really. Toyota has an off road heritage, to support the tough truck feel, where Honda has no heritage in this segment and are very late to the game. No young man would be caught dead picking up the friends and girlfriend in a Ridgeline.

  • roysayak1

    tacoma for me


    The Tacoma is a REAL Truck

  • L BJGH

    Honda for me. I want something that is comfortable to drive. The seating position in the Toyota feels like you are sitting on the floor. Don’t care about towing or off roading (have a bike for off road).

    This pilot/minivan with a bed suits me fine. Unlike most truck owners my personal accomplishments don’t end with the vehicle I drive.

    P.S. soccer mom’s have moved onto F150’S where I live.

  • NE Ohio

    Honda. The nay Sayers are not of high intelligence. Honda engendering is the best. Look it up, it has bigger, beefier, more durable turn buckles, linckages, berings, struts, breaks, the list goes on, than the non-pro taco, Colorado/gmc, and frontier. Body on frame guys… Is old… That’s how Henry Ford made model T’s. If you like tech that old skip the Ridgine.

    • Imjus Sayin

      I read ya 100%, but Seriously? You might want to activate the “Spell Check” app on your “High Intelligent” phone before you click submit.

  • SteersUright

    Honda will struggle yet again to sell these because they just don’t look like pick up trucks. Some bigger tires, more clearance and a much less effeminate design would be a good start.

  • tiesta

    Ridgeline. Because more car.

  • Brock sherwood

    Honda. Seriously these guys wanting to compensate for their own inferior size. I don’t need to off-road and cause damage to my truck with costly repairs and I don’t need to be 20 feet off the ground with massive tractor tires to show off and I’m not going to be towing anything over 5,000 lbs. I’d much rather ride in the best comfort be able to get in my vehicle easily without a ladder and go to the dump sometimes pick up big appliances or a couch television ect and this does all that and more. This is an everyday type of truck. Very few people need anything bigger than this. The older Ridgeline was ugly to say the least. Very boxy style that many did not like. The new Ridgeline definitely looks like a Pilot but I like that and this does more than a Pilot. It will be a success unlike the older ridgeline because of the style change! I do like the Tacoma as well but not as much as the Honda. The 2016 GMC Canyon is sweet as well but nothing beats the quality and longevity of Honda and Toyota. Get over your Ego and accept that this is a truck and it is just as capable to get the job done as any other midsize truck. When I’m at 250,000 miles with my Ridgeline your truck will be in the junk yard or digging a hole in your wallet!

  • jessica

    I prefer the Ridgeline because of the overall qualities. I’d rather have a comfortable vehicle with a back seat you can actually use. Then again, I don’t need to compensate by driving something that looks like a largemouth bass about to be hooked.

  • Jason

    Toyota Tacoma’s are great for little people.

  • Miguel

    Tacoma is for Dads and Honda is for Moms.

  • Miguel

    Honda is for Moms
    Tacoma is for Dad. That’s it

  • Steven Kelley

    A vehicle is a tool. The right tool for the job. I have 4 vehicles for different purposes/roles.
    I notice the older I get, the more important comfort level becomes. I would have to test drive both and decide the purpose of the tool.

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