First RHD 2016 Shelby Super Snake Mustang Arrives In Australia

Even though Ford is proudly using the Shelby name to give meaning to their new GT350 Mustang, the company that Carroll Shelby built is still plowing along nicely with their own projects.

One of those projects is the Super Snake upgrade, available for 2007-2014 Shelby GT500 models or the 2015-2016 Mustang GT, which is what we’re looking at here.

This is officially the first RHD (right hand drive) 2016 Shelby Super Snake to hit Australian shores and it definitely came to play with over 750 HP coming from its tuned 5.0-liter supercharged V8.

In this US, the optional 750+ package costs upwards of $54,999 and includes Whipple 750+ or Kenne Bell 750+ superchargers, an upgraded cooling package, differential cooling, transmission cooling, Shelby Wilwood four-piston rear brakes, plus the aggressive exterior kit which comes with Weld Racing one-piece Super Snake 20″ wheels.

This particular build was completed by Mustang Motorsport Official in Australia, where car enthusiasts are used to laying down rubber with help from their V8-powered machines.


  • Six Thousand Times

    Ain’t cheap but it’s a pretty comprehensive package.

  • RDS Alphard

    $55k is just the package ?


  • john coleman

    Wow. Just love this car.

  • john coleman

    HELP! Can’t make out if it’s auto or manual ??

  • nunya

    That is one SWEET ASS Mustang!!!!
    I’d love to have that car. Love the paint colors looks bad ass!!

  • Dave

    That cost is US cost and would be approximately $80,000 aussie, then add transport costs from US, import duties, GST (8000) and aussie compliance. Then naturally the retailer wants their cut. This car by the time you register it on the road will be way above $100,000 and I would be guessing between 120 thousand and 150 thousand australian, depending on the package you add or don’t add.

  • jack

    One for the bogans and those with minimal length only.

  • DEVILTAZ35 .

    Nice but the wheels are ugly.

  • Cheryl McKernan

    Mine all MINE !!!

  • Shawn

    Can you please tell us the colors used in this car. I agree they are to die for. I want to paint my 65 Mustang this color.