Is The Knight XV The Ultimate Armored Luxury Cruiser? [68 Images]

Luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz or Audi may give it their best when it comes to armored cars, but they don’t offer anything like the Knight XV.

The hairy-chested off-roader is the flagship of Conquest Vehicles of Toronto, Canada, and it combines the 4WD big-truck capability with high-end features in the cabin. It’s based on an upgraded Ford 550 Super Duty chassis, tipping the scales at 13,000 lbs (5,897 kg), and taking its power from a 6.8-liter gasoline engine, mated to a five-speed automatic transmission.

Manufactured from the ground up with ballistic hardened steel, ballistic fiberglass for the fenders and up to 64 mm transparent armor glass, it features ballistic run-flat tires, covering the 20-inch forged 6061 aluminum rims, which are also used on commercial aircraft landing gear.

Some of the security features equipping the Knight XV include an external listening device/intercom, a siren, night-vision cameras, electrostatic window opaquing, under-vehicle magnetic attachment detector and a security safe, behind the rear console.

Open the door and you will be greeted by four individual electrically adjustable and heated seats in the rear cabin, facing each other, Wilton wool carpets, ultra suede and carbon fiber trim, a refrigerator, work/computer table, DirecTV system, Playstation 4 gaming console, iPad integrated into the center console, forward and rear facing video monitors and an armored moonroof.

At the front, the driver and passenger also have leather seats with power controls, an Alpine multimedia system, GPS navigation and another armored moonroof. The list of features also checks power windows, mood lighting, parking sensors, stainless steel running boards, remote entry and push-button start (up to 1 mile away).

Production of the Knight XV is limited to 100 units and each takes approximately 4,000 hours to hand-build. Chassis 11, listed for sale on eBay for $565,000, has traveled for 10,569 miles (17,009 km).




  • diesel_vdub

    It really should have a turbo diesel for the torque and range. This thing probably gets gallons to the miles with that gas guzzling 6.8L engine.

  • Status

    Dude! Sick! A sports game on a console!? Does it come with Monster energy drinks and a Ken Brock video? SICK! [/doodbro]


  • datCubanguy

    I’ll bet it would b nicer with the ASV’s Engine and tranny!

  • ChrisInIL

    I see a glaring weak point. It has “20-inch forged 6061 aluminum rims” instead of “BALLISTIC 20-inch forged 6061 aluminum rims”

  • MJack

    Totally useless for most of us…but totally awesome!

  • Ken Lyns

    Power windows with 64 mm thick glass? This I’d like to see. 🙂

  • Big Black Duck

    This is a well built and conceived vehicle…but that said the only thing that’s letting it down are the fugly / cheap chrome accessories…especially the front grille ….IMO this is a big let down..they should hire someone with more european esthetics to make it more appealing…

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