Alfa Romeo’s 5-Series Fighter Coming In 2018

After taking aim at the compact executive saloon market with the Giulia, Alfa Romeo is now planning on building a genuine 5-Series/A6/E-Class rival.

According to AutoExpress, he new Alfa will be based on the same RWD platform as the Giulia, meaning it will share some (if not all) of its engines, such as the 2.2-liter diesel with either 150 PS (148 HP) or 180 PS (177 HP), as well as the 200 PS (197 HP) 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol and a six-cylinder diesel to fight off the likes of the 530d, A6 3.0 TDI and E 350d.

As stated by FCA chief technology officer Harald Wester, the petrol unit has plenty of tuning potential so it could even receive a power boost if it’s to end up on the larger mid-size model, though the Giulia Quadrifoglio’s twin-turbo V6 come in handy here. Gearbox-wise, the new model should get an 8-speed automatic and a 6-speed manual (like the Giulia), with the UK-maker version likely to be automatic only.

“We owe our investors a constant stream of new, fresh global products that can be sold,” said Wester. “It will be relatively fast sequence of relevant and saleable products like saloons and SUVs.”

Alfa Romeo Europe boss Fabrizio Curci went on record saying that his company will start “electrification” around 2018, which means the mid-size saloon will also get a plug-in hybrid version.

“The platform is built to support whatever kind of electrification we do,” said Curci. “It can support everything from plug-in hybrid to full electric.” It should also support four-wheel drive and semi-autonomous driving.

We’ll likely need to wait until around 2018 in order for Alfa Romeo to actually build this car, as the next in line after the Giulia is the Stelvio SUV.

Pictured: Alfa Romeo Giorgio rendering via Theophilus Chin


  • Gerald Michael

    Another new vehicle for a company whose sales barely make a ripple in this country while Chrysler and Dodge are absolutely starved for new product. Hell of a business plan they got over at FCA — F*cking Chrysler Again.

    • Kash

      Don’t forget they’ve basically kamikazed the Viper and the 200/Dart (Sebring) by offering no choices beyond a big wing or no wing at all, and poor rear half/seat design for a car designed at families, respectively and then insulted the critics by calling them “design dummies” as if that would change their mind.

      • fabri99

        They kamikaze every single car they make. Just look at their C segments: Bravo, Delta and Giulietta had only one version, lacking a wagon, a convertible, a coupè or even a three-door version.

      • gary4205

        Two big mistakes with Viper. First was killing off the Roadster, which sold fairly well, compared to the coupe. The second was not offering an automatic. I’m not a fan of slush-boxes in hot rods, but that is where the market is. Someone with deep pockets needs to come in and save Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep from these morons!

        • Kash

          Well another poor decision was the one to only offer one engine option or at least the one to NOT add something like cylinder deactivation like the Vette. The Vette does well because it can be configured into so many things from the daily driver with the fairly efficient V8 and auto to the track day Z06 with the manual. It’s not like there isn’t a market for a car like the Viper, because the Vette is thriving, and it’s all about to do a lot better with the Gran Sport about to go on sale.

    • europeon

      Sergio. His name is Sergio.

      • LIZ THE SHIZ

        no his name is Sergio Delayionne which means we won’t see this until at least 2021unless he and the Elkann’s sell the whole company to the Chinese

        • europeon

          I hope that one day they’ll remember their Agnelli mafia roots and deal with Sergio in a more appropriate way.

    • Cobrajet

      Alfa Romeo was also starving for new products, so is even Fiat itself, the rest of the world had to wait 5 years for a replacement to the 159, let alone the 10 years for this new 5 series rival. There are still plenty of products from coming from Jeep at least, because it’s the SUVs that pull in the profits in the US.

    • Sharper Living

      Considering the reviews the Giulia is getting so far, I’d be begging Alfa to bring one of these to the US.

  • Elmediterraneo

    Could be named Alfetta with a Ferrari V8 3.8 liter 560/600 hp for the Quadrifoglio version.

  • europeon

    Pictured: Alfa Romeo Grigio rendering via Theophilus Chin


    plm de analfabet

    • Sedan/Berlina Full-Size

      I Like renders real Full Size Sedan Alfa anti-5-Series BMW?? Kia GT-Stinger-2017??

      • Sedan/Berlina Full-Size

        competition market Kia & Alfa Full-Size E-Segment.

        • john1168

          Good spy pics of the KIA! Those front brake calipers look pretty big:)

      • Sedan/Berlina Full-Size


  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    is it Alfa and Maserati complete each other lineup as always
    Maserati from executive and up
    Alfa from compact and down?

    why expanding them to intersect with each other ?
    i really am surprised
    is there any smart guy at FCA board to stop this craziness ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cobrajet

      It’s not madness, Alfa Romeo already occupied this segment before, Maserati can still occupy a higher price range above the Alfa Romeo.

      • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

        i feel it will be bad for the Ghibli and the new Alfa

  • Six Thousand Times

    Maybe this happens, maybe it doesn’t. Probably it doesn’t.

  • Ed Ward

    Chrysler is the one making money, where is Chrysler and Dodge.

  • Cobrajet

    This must come with a V8. 600hp+.

  • sosek

    That’s all cool, but I’m much more excited about a new Giulietta, the 1er-rival, suspected to come with RWD/AWD.

  • antbee

    I’m happy for Alfa-Romeo getting some new wheels on the ground, but WHERE THE HELL ARE THE DODGE AND CHRYSLER CARS??!!!!??!!!! Show us the new 300, and it better be RWD, like the current one, and the new Charger, and it also better be RWD, like the current one. Oh, and leave the front end on the Charger alone, that thing is wicked-looking, and I love it! Keep messing around, Sergio, and I when I am ready to move up to a big boys’ car, I will not be too ashamed to look back for a 2015-2016 model Charger. Bet on it!

  • Eric D

    Does it still crumple like tin foil when it is crashed?

  • antbee

    What happened to my original comment?
    Never mind, it finally showed up.

  • bd

    This segment is increasingly getting crowded with new RWD entrants like this and the upcoming Kia GT/Stinger – as well as FWD competitors (on price) like the Continental and the new Volvo S80.

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