BMW To Stop Offering 3-Series Touring In The USA From 2019?

America’s affair with station wagons is almost non-existent, as the SUV remains the most coveted segment when it comes to practical automobiles. This will allegedly put an end to the 3 Series Touring in the US market.

According to Bimmerfile’s “reliable source” and Scott26 at bimmerpost forums, rumors have it that BMW won’t be offering the next-gen 3 Series, internally codenamed G20, in Touring (estate) format in the USA, due to lack of sales and interest. This isn’t an isolated case, exclusive to the 3 Series, as many car manufacturers face the same struggle throughout the segment; especially when it comes to premium brands.

If it turns out to be true, then the F31 might be your last chance to enjoy BMW’s D-segment Touring car over the pond, before it will cease to be imported. Even so, you’ll have plenty of time to get one, because the model’s last month of production is scheduled for 06/19.

Albeit there’s no official confirmation of the rumor, this comes after BMW phased out the 5 Series estate in North America, a while back, for the same reasons.


  • Kash

    I think wagons are a case by case basis. Volvo seems to be selling enough V60’s to keep them around and warrant bringing the V90 to America then VW sold enough Jetta wagons to bring the Golf wagon in to replace it (granted it was just a refresh of sorts), but Acura tanked with the TSX. Then there’s the rumors that GM will bring the next gen Insignia wagon to the US as a Buick Regal and then Porsche confirmed bringing the Panamera wagon stateside and there’s always been Mercedes with the E-class not to mention they brought the new C-wagon to Canada. I think BMW just shot themselves in the foot with offering the 3-GT alongside the wagon. Some people (quite a few) don’t like vans/SUV’s but still want more storage space.

    • Fling3t

      I think Volvo is a wagon brand for many Americans, so it makes sense for them to offer the v60 and v90 right?

      • Kash

        I do think that’s part of it, but they’ve also been doing wagons for so long and so well that they’ve become the wagon brand for good reason.

      • pcurve

        The only way to get Americans to buy Wagons is it you offered both AWD and elevated ride, latter being the key.

        Very few people like traditional wagon in the states.

        Volvo killed V70, but kept XC with higher ride and cladding.
        Subaru killed Legacy wagon, but kept the Outback. with higher ride and cladding.
        Audi killed Avant, but kept allroad with higher ride and cladding.

        You get the pattern. Very few Americans like wagons, and those that do have very bad taste.

        • Fling3t

          Cars with cladding tend to look worse in my opinion

        • Ann lopez

          just because someone like wagon do not mean have bad taste every car not for everybody.

  • matrem

    I see plenty of the current gen 3 series wagons here in the Bay Area.

    • pcurve

      that’s weird. Must be a regional thing. Here in NJ, I can count with my two hands how many 3 wagons I’ve seen in the past few years.

  • Dennis James

    Well, a lot of complainers but very few buyers. Logical outcome.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Too bad as BMW estates/wagons look good – their SUVs, not as much. Same with Benzes.

  • ScottM

    Plenty of interest. Just no product from them worth buying.
    Audi S4 Avant? Not in the US.
    BMW 335ix Touring? Not in the US.
    MB C450 Estate? Not in the US.

    Why is the A4 Allroad even here? I thought maybe it got better mileage than the Q5 2.0t, but no. The same. At 200lbs lighter, the Allroad has better 0-60 and likely handles better, but it’s still a generic A model. Instead of providing utility options for the generic driver (the commonplace SUV driver) and the handling/performance minded driver (the sport wagon driver), we get two overlapping options addressing only the slow lane (and rough roads) population.

    There is the the V60 T6 Polestar wagon, but the Volvo US website doesn’t acknowledge the change to the 4cyl version yet. And it’s on the smaller side, same as the BMW 3 Touring. My current B8 A4 Avant is already about as small as I’d like to be.

    The 340ixGT is the right size car for me, but so much loss of utility with that roof line. And that rear shoulder line is not so keen (how did they get the 4GC so right but mess this up). And the 3er interior just blows. The S5 sportback might provide a bailout from an interior perspective. But I think I’m more likely to revolt against the Germans for making the cars I want but refusing to sell them to me and go Volvo V90 T8 Polestar when it shows up.

    If BMW wanted my money on a Touring, they needed a 335ix LWB, not a 328ix 4cyl midget mobile.

    • Ann lopez

      so funny how many times read peoples say if BMW bring series 5 wagon to states than will buy one more like lease one series 5 be more expensive that why never come to states BMW know what they are doing 80% peoples lease cars in UNITED STATE some business write off if have ask about how much is oil change and compliant about price do really think afford such luxury car

  • Tumbi Mtika

    HELL NO!!!

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