New Citroen C3 Strikes Supermini Segment With Cactus-Inspired Styling [128 Pics + Video]

Following a short teaser campaign and a few leaked images, the all-new Citroen C3 is finally here.

The brand’s second model to sport the new makeover, after the C4 Cactus, has received the signature airbump protection panels, slim lights flanking the grille, main headlights positioned right underneath, DS3-inspired taillights and rear end and a slightly curved roof.

Citroen offers its new supermini in 36 possible color combos, with nine body shades and three colors for the roof, joined by four interior themes, including the Urban Red, which adds a red dash panel finish and red stitching.

Compared to the larger C4 Cactus, the cabin features conventional dials, a lower-mounted touchscreen display and face-level air vents. A 3D satellite navigation system with real-time traffic info, rearview camera, the brand’s SOS service with live assistance, blind spot warning, hill start assist and driver fatigue warning are some of the optional features that equip the new C3.

The list of gadgets also includes what Citroen refers to as ConnectedCam, a system that uses a wide-angle camera, GPS and Web connection to send images, at a single click, to social media networks, but this can also be used to make 20-sec videos when the vehicle is stationary.

The engine lineup comprises of the PureTech 68 PS (67 HP), 82 PS (81 HP) and 110 PS (108 HP) three-cylinder petrol units and the BlueHDi 75 PS (74 HP) and 100 PS (99 HP) diesels. Depending on the selected grade, customers will get to choose between a manual and a six-speed automatic transmission.



  • Evo45

    The rear is okay to me, but the front… Ugh.

    • fabri99

      To me, it’s the exact opposite. I like this new design language, at least it’s original. The rear end though is very very bland, it looks cheap.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Taillights are kind of neat, though.

  • Paul

    It has never been
    easy thing to broadcast a national DNA in volumes and proportions of a body. Citroën
    succeeds surprisingly well this year by playing the card of differentiation
    with affirmed curves and shapes. C3
    also confirms a clear will of the Design Citroën to trigger the second
    automobile revolution since the very inception there are more than 100 years,
    namely autonomous driving, in fact, these forms, colors and materials to
    encourage travel, treatment brought
    inside is plush, it feels like a living room with seating wrapping provided
    with a flexibility which will undoubtedly be criticized by our friends across
    the Rhine, in short it is a clear demonstration and continuity the
    new strategy proposed by the brand to the rafters at the last show of Beijing
    during the presentation of the new flagship of the brand. Its
    new strategy is definitely focused on the multidimensional comfort. Comfort
    is more than appropriate choice, or rather, “Freud am fahren” BMW
    could become a rather ambiguous development strategy in a world where the car
    will return to what it was in the days of Henry Ford and the Model T,
    namely a logical and rational object to move comfortably and safely. Differentiation
    of tomorrow will be played more inside and outside the car for aerodynamics and
    safety reasons should converged in their forms and proportions and
    differentiation driven by Citroën with an offset optical signature may reveal
    winning a reminder, Jeep has adopted the same strategy with his Cherokee. Dear
    actionaires, the strategy of PSA will be medium to long term carrier!

  • Finkployd

    The everything … Ugh.

  • fabri99

    Not bad, but I don’t like the rugged flair they gave it. It looked good on the Cactus, but the C3 should look more normal: drop the air bumps and drop the plastic parts in the bumpers. It looks like an SUV while it should be a supermini instead.

    • Marko Andrin

      there’s more than enough “normal” looking cars in it’s class so I think it’s refreshing to see different approach in design language in the class filled with angry looking headlights and “sporty” looking sub-compatcs.

  • CoolHandLuke1

    Looks good.

  • ediotsavant

    Looks like a Kia Soul

  • TheHake

    I really like it. But then, I’ve always had a soft spot for Citroëns.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    This would look cool as a sport.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Judging by the photo gallery, this is “something for the ladies.” Interesting that those air bladders are optional.

    • CoolHandLuke1

      Air bumps are expensive in a cheap car. This is their second cheapest model. C1 -> C3 -> C4 Cactus -> C4 -> C5 -> C4 Picasso -> C4 Grand Picasso. In a Cactus it is part of the identity in a C3 it comes with extra price, logical.

  • uS’gedlemba

    I think Citroen did a marvellous job! I love it!

  • Tinky-Winky

    The rear end is a bit of a letdown compared to the rest of the car but otherwise it looks very funky and refreshing. Can’t wait to see what the WRC car is going to look like.

  • Dennis James

    Looks brilliant to me.

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