Liberty Walk Widens The BMW M4

If you dig the latest BMW M4, but wish it had more stance, Liberty Walk is here to answer your prayers. The aftermarket firm known for its widebody transformations has just released a new kit for the F82 performance coupe, giving it a more aggressive and planted look.

The body kit features extended wheel arches, a new trunk spoiler and rear diffusor. They’re available as individual components or as a complete package and can be had in either fiberglass or carbon fiber.

The M4 remains otherwise mechanically unchanged, though Liberty Walk will also gladly fit its AirREX adjustable suspension. Either way, power still comes from a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six good for 425 hp, or 444 with the Competition package offered straight from the factory.

The tuner prices the complete kit in the UK at £6,533.33 for the fiberglass version, or £7,666.67 in carbon.

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  • Gowtham Oleti

    Why Halogen Lamps????

    • Kash

      Because it’s German and everything is an optional extra, even LED/xenon lights

      • Gowtham Oleti


      • S3XY

        No excuse for halogens in 2016. Get with the motherf*king times car companies

    • MJ Coffey

      Those aren’t Halogen lamps. BMWs new ‘Laser light’ really looks this ‘cheap’.

      • BMWFreaky

        Actually those are LED light, series 3 and 4 don’t have laser light as an option

  • MultiKdizzle

    A few too many rivets. But would smash.

    • SomeRandomCommenter

      You can get a shop to mould it to the body so the rivets don’t show.

  • fabri99

    I thought it would have looked better to be honest. It looks a little precarious and it doesn’t fit the car shapes perfectly.

    • D3X

      Agreed. But wide bodies are generally harder to do, especially the rear quarter which involves a lot of cutting. These Liberty Walk kits try to make the “add-on” look cool, while still making it relatively easy to install (although expensive) so I can see the allure from these. To most enthusiasts, wider is cooler I guess over stock…. shrugs. I can see these working well with amateur racing car builds.

  • WHY?

  • Submarines

    I recognize that scene anywhere; Keyshot renders 😀

  • Beelzaboot teriaksun

    I came here just to give a bigup to the upcoming Forza Horizon 3.

  • Rick Alexander

    I’m a big fan of companies, that create bodykits for cars, that enhance the aesthetics. However, I just don’t understand the allure of the Liberty Walk creations. To my eye, they don’t flow with the original lines of the cars they’re made for. All the Liberty Walk kits I’ve seen, look like an afterthought. If you like it, great. However, I think companies like Novitec, Vorsteiner, Misha, and Mansory (to name a few), do a much better job.

    • gor134

      Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny make body kits like this to make the car wider, but mainly as a throwback to the classic Japanese cars that came with bolt-on fenders, such as the Skyline 2000-GTR

      • Rick Alexander

        I hear ya. I like wide body kits. I just can’t get into the tacked on riveted look. The only Japanese wide body kits i’ve seen, that i would consider, are the ones from RAUH-Welt Begriff.

  • Bob White

    Not low enough!

  • BMWFreaky

    of how to ruin a perfect car!

  • Tyrus R.

    Why would anyone go to such an extreme degree to deface a sporty cars appearance and neuter its performance capabilities? Spending a considerable amount of money to purchase a performance vehicle only to be restricted from driving faster then 40 mph because of the bad wheel fitment. Keep this tacky stuff on 20 year old cars where it belongs! The individuals that are misguided enough to like this stuff are going to look back on it in a year and get douche chills. Liberty Walk: The Ed Hardy brand of the automotive world.

    • gor134

      Actually, that is not true. This car rides on an “air” suspension, which means the driver can raise the car when he wishes to actually drive the car. When the car is parked, the driver can then lower the car.

      • Tyrus R.

        Air suspensions entail more complications. Rupturing bags, reliability out the window for a daily driver and a “pogo stick” like ride. Because of that, some of the wheel fitment people frown upon air suspensions and pride themselves for running “static” (low all the time sans adjustable suspension). Not justifying any of this behavior. Merely conveying information.

  • goodtoberight1

    Echhhhhh! My eyes hurt!

  • Dexterbarnes+MinoreeTee =GAYYY

    Yes!!! Libertywalk and BMW ❤️👌

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