Mom Blames Pokemon Go After Teen Daughter Gets Hit By Car While Playing The Game

Everyone seems to be playing Pokemon Go these days, from those with deep pockets, who drive their hypercars on the streets of Beverly Hills in search of the fictional creatures, to teenagers, united by a slogan: “Gotta catch ’em all!”

However, having their sight glued to the screens of their smartphones can put users in hazardous situations. The latest incident is centered on a teenager from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who was struck by a car while crossing a busy road. The 15-year old girl was returning from a museum, where she went to collect another Pokemon, when the vehicle hit her. She was transported to a local hospital, from where she was discharged the next day with minor injuries.

Blaming the app for putting her daughter in hospital, Tracy Nolan, the teen’s mother, said: “Kids don’t just going to normally cross a highway for no reason. This thing had her walking across the highway to find a Pokemon. When she called and said that she was hit by a car I blamed the game, because she would not have been out of my house.

State police has warned gamers to be aware of their surroundings and drivers to be on the lookout for people playing the game. Gotta warn ’em all, we guess…