BMW Might Crash Merc’s Party With 7-Series Coupe In 2019

According to a person familiar with BMW’s plans, a sporty, two-door version of the all-new 7-Series is currently in the works and could land as soon as 2019.

In the US, 7-Series sales have declined rapidly, despite the flagship Bavarian model being on the same level as the S-Class just four years ago. Next year could be even tougher for the 7-Series as Audi will be introducing their self-driving A8 flagship, which means that BMW has to do something to shake things up.

“The 7-Series hasn’t managed the same ‘aha’ effect as the new S-Class, which is what Audi will be going for, too,” said Juergen Pieper, at analyst at Bankhaus Metzler. “It’s lacking that special something.”

It seems that, internally, BMW is blaming the 7-Series’ slow sales on the too few technological advances and perhaps most importantly, a boring design, said the person familiar with the company’s thinking. Plus, the 7-Series is not available in as many versions as the S-Class, which you can also get as a Coupe, Convertible and Maybach.

As reported by Autonews, the new A8 will indeed play the role of the wildcard with its extremely advanced self-driving systems. According to Audi, drivers will be able to let the car do all the work without having to keep a hand on the wheel.

“The new A8 will be quite a meaningful departure from the current model,” said Stuart Pearson, an analyst at Exane BNP Paribas. “You would expect to see 7-Series sales start to decline again when the A8 comes out.”

One more reason for Munich to go ahead with the Coupe, then, as the Maybach-rivaling 7er thathas already previously been reported most likely won’t be enough.

Rendering courtesy of X-Tomi

  • Six_Tymes

    competition is always good.

  • Six Thousand Times

    As long as the really do a coupe and not jus a two-door sedan as pictured is this chop.

  • benT

    ho hum………..
    wake me up when it arrives……………….
    on second thoughts, don’t

  • Kash

    So long as they follow the 5/6’s recipe and not the 3/4’s. The 5 and 6 are easily distinguishable from one another, but put a 4 Gran Coupe next to the 3 Sedan and stand about 10 feet away and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who can tell the difference between the two. Put a 5 sedan and 6 Gran Coupe next to each other at twice the distance and it’ll still be easier than the former.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      You are right, but I think it will require more than that. The new 7’s design is boring. Where is the M7 that was rumored? A refresh is needed immediately but knowing BMW it will take another 3 years. The Gran Lusso would be perfect in this space. BMW has a lot to make up for. The new 5 and X7, the next 3 all must be fantastic.

      • Kash

        M7? With the 760M i doubt it’ll happen, at least not before a refresh/next gen. The 3 can be crap and you know good and well the journalists will still praise it like the benchmark. The 5 is a grey area anymore, unless we’re talking about the M5 most journalists won’t pay it any attention after all engines options hit the market and are tested. The X7 will garner a lot of attention especially if the rumors are true and the RR SUV is gonna share the same platform. Now the X5 is gonna have to shape up and slim down to the GLE and away from the GLS, along with the next 6 series. Yeah the 8 will take it’s place but not in the way people are thinking it will.

        The 6 series has a lot of cons to overcome, mainly in it’s size and market position. The 8, like you said, needs to be the Gran Lusso but lower slung like the S-coupe and DB11 instead of the somewhat 7 based design/size/height that it with debuted and it looked like a 7 with a new front/rear design and then minus 2 doors.

        • Andrewthecarguy

          There is room for M7. Mercedes sold S600s next to S63 AND S65. THe A8 had the W12, not sure it will come back.

          The Cullian and X7 will be twins raised in different houses for sure. It is the only recipe that works anymore, re: Bentayga and Q7. Question is how long before an X5 ///M variant to challenge the Bentayga and fit nicely into the RR Ghost family.

          I think the current X5 is a good size, sells itself. However it needs to be repackaged so the 3rd row isn’t kid sized only. Also needs to be standard like Q7 not a $1300+ option. The MDX reigns in the “must-have-a-third-row” world of that class. The GLE is small for the money.

          • Kash

            Not saying there isn’t room, just BMW won’t do it. They’ve gone this long without the M7, why not wait another 3-6 years? I don’t see why the W12 won’t come back, so long as Bentley makes it Audi will sell it, plus it’s not a diesel. lol.

            I can see the headlines for reviews now: “Sibling rivalry! X7 vs Cullian!” ugh. I think the X7 and Cullian will rival the Bentayga right off the bat and quite nicely because it’s already being pitted against the Range Rover which the other 2 will be pitted against. The X7 against lower trim Rovers and the Cullian against higher ones, and mainly the LWB versions.

            I disagree. I think BMW needs the X5 to be like the GLE, 2 rows only and go back to the previous gen’s size/proportions. Especially if the X7 is gonna have a 3rd row which i don’t see why it wouldn’t. I feel like the X5 is having an identity crisis especially in ///M guise. I also get the feeling that BMW will follow Merc’s style when they launch a Maybach GLS and if it keeps 3 rows the X7 will too, if it drops the 3rd row then the X7 will too, and I get the feeling Merc will drop the 3rd row, push the 2nd row back and put in fully reclining seats so the X7 will follow suit. However that’s only if BMW goes through with their plan to take on the S600 Maybach with a similar style 7 series, but i doubt they’ll do that because the Ghost exists.

  • MarketAndChurch

    2019 would probably be a year after the current 7-series midlife refresh, so the coupe’s arrival should help bolster what is a boring and ailing line. (Personally, I still like the 7-series, but only the bespoke “Individual” versions.)

    I wish instead they would delay it one year to 2020, and instead have it debut a brand new design language that will echo through the rest of the BMW brand, so that it’ll give us something to be excited about, especially come 2021 when the next 7-series comes around.

  • getoffme

    So is it an 8-series?

  • Ary Wisesa

    I always admire BMW even though now I prefer Lexus to German brands. When I was in college, I grew with BMW magazine and I told myself to work hard to be able to own a BMW some day. I never forget that picture of two BMW E36 M3s in yellow and black paint that looked so hot and menacing back then. (I can even remember the text under the picture that read “Do you want it in yellow or incognito?” 😛 )

    I also remember one section of magazine that talked about the journeys with BMW cars. One of the articles was about BMW 507, and I think it’s still one of the most beautiful BMW ever. It featured some beautiful photos of a woman who made a journey across mountainous area with breathtaking views. It inspired me to have my own long journey across Java and Bali islands. 🙂

    I also fell in love with BMW E38 7 Series. For me, it’s the most beautiful, the most elegant BMW sedan ever. I saw its commercial on TV, a 7 Series glided so smoothly and elegantly on the bridge in a European city. I was mesmerized. I dreamed to own an E38 (especially one with 12 cylinders engine). Even until now, I still put it on my wish list…

    But as time flies, my preference to BMW gradually diminished because I heard many technical problems in BMW vehicles and it frightened me. I canceled my plan of purchasing a BMW E34 530i, due to its nikasil issues. Eventually I settle with Toyota and Lexus. Yes, so many people out there constantly mocking and insulting Toyota as mere “appliances” and not for “real driver enthusiast”. But I had to be realistic with my first car purchase, because cars are very expensive in Indonesia (usually two or three times as much as in US due to high tax (around 200%)), so I need to be wise and sensible with my choice. At that time, my heart would say (used) BMW, but my head said (brand new) Toyota because it has excellent reputation of reliability and easy maintenance. Well, for me, if it’s expensive, then it has to be very reliable and not giving me headache, because I want to enjoy my hard-earned money with trouble-free car.

    Then I went for Toyota Yaris 1.5 (my very first car), then Corolla 2.0, and then Lexus GS350, and I never regret my choices because those cars are very satisfactory for me. I still retain my old Yaris because I love it so much. Because it’s my very first car that I bought with my own money and I had so many sweet memories with it. (My Corolla was sold though, replaced by GS) .

    Still, having very good ownership experience with Toyota, I always want to own a BMW someday, particularly a 7 Series. But I really hope BMW could make it look more sophisticated and luxurious. I have to admit, Mercedes always has that good classical luxurious looks in it. Some of my clients told me, what restrained them to buy 7 Series is it lacks of “rich aura”. That’s why they choose S Class instead of 7 Series. And that’s why S Class is also the sales king in luxury segment in Indonesia.

    BMW should think very hard (I’m not saying it didn’t think very hard in designing its products, but maybe it’s not enough to attract Mercedes customer away). It once came with BMW Vision Luxury Concept which not only looked sophisticated, but also elegant and futuristic. A bit disappointing, when the new 7 Series launched, it’s a far cry from the concept. Why, BMW?

    BMW doesn’t need to imitate Mercedes, because it has its own design identity, some of them are even iconic (“angel eyes” light, Hofmeister kink, double kidneys grille are among its iconic signatures). In technology department, BMW and Mercedes are equally advanced & hi-tech, so why 7 Series can’t quiet match Mercedes’ success in big luxury class? Maybe it has something to do with its “aura”. Maybe, big luxury sedan needs to be very imposing, looking very expensive & luxurious instead of sporty. Maybe BMW should give the sportiness to its little brothers (4, 3, 2, 1 and even X-Series). For 7 Series, maybe it should be treated a bit differently: with emphasis more to luxury and comfort and wrapped in luxurious and elegant looks. That what Mercedes has been very successful with its S-Class, and they even took it to another level with its Maybach S-Class.

    Don’t forget that BMW has been very successful in ultra-luxury class with its Rolls-Royce which dominates its class. If it can manage the Rolls-Royce to beat its former sister company (Bentley), why can’t it use the same formula to beat Mercedes?

    Remember Maybach was not successful when they went head to head with Rolls-Royce back then? Maybe it because Mercedes had it strategy wrong by making Maybach not very different from S-Class, but wanted it to compete with Roll-Royce. It failed. Mercedes has learned a lot from its failure and responded with a fresh strategy by making Maybach a sub-brand of Mercedes, instead of making it stand alone marque. And now they have Mercedes-Maybach S-Class that gather very positive reviews anywhere. It occupies a unique niche in luxury class: above “S-Class” class, but under “Rolls-Royce” class, and it almost has no direct competitors (because Bentley is also in the same segment with Rolls Royce).

    BMW needs to be very aware, because Mercedes has updated S-Class with autonomous driving, so will Audi with its new A8. And don’t forget Lexus will also launch its newest generation of LS. Lexus has been playing nicely with its roles as black horse, but not ordinary black horse, an excellent one that could threat anyone.

    Anyway, I wish BMW good luck and I hope one day it will come with truly competitive 7 Series to beat its competitors. At the end of the day, we, the customers” are very lucky to have BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus and other automakers compete with one another so we can get the best product possible. 🙂

    • alexxx

      i enjoyed your review more then original one,majority of your thoughts are exactly as mine… i love bmw obviously as you do… why is merc more popular with s class nowadays is,as you said,more luxurios looking… rich people are looking more for luxury then sport… and that BMW Vision Luxury Concept,why didnt make 7 series like that..that was stunning…having said that,i still like new 7… nowadays i feel like new bmw designs are complex ones…it tends to grow on you as time passes by… couple of years ago i thought x1,current 1 series and current 5 series are really bad designed but now…not any more…
      lexus is really making his name more and more and i like them also…they try really hard to make something different..
      anyway,i feel like modern cars are all very reliable,but sadly we live in time when every little niggle is exaggerated..people became so sensitive…
      maybe you should try a bmw if you have an opportunity,see for yourself and not listen what haters have to say… :-)))
      p.s. my brother had an e 34 and still has e 39 for 10 years now…he couldnt be more satisfied…
      obviously,he is planning to buy a new bmw…

    • Kagan

      I have a better suggestion! BMW skip the 7 series and do sportscars instead. BMW is known for sportiness and the 7 series can not be sporty and comfort luxury in the same time to attract customers in that price catagory. So skip it and do real sports cars. Don’t destroy the 3 and 5 series either by making them boring.

  • Bobby Wagner

    Make a M7 BMW

  • Poison_Eagle

    I don’t like the idea of calling it a 7-series if it only has two doors. I thought the 8-series was going to fulfill that role anyway?

  • น้องชูก้า เยสพรีส

    too late

  • Elmediterraneo

    This is basically the next 8 series, G14 for the coupe and G15 for the convertible

  • NG212

    I look forward to seeing what they come up with. But I don’t think Mercedes is going to stop celebrating anytime soon.

    Many of Merc’s high-end clients are loyalists. If BMW and Audi debut really high-end sedans and coupes, they’re likely to have a smaller pool of potential customers.

    And some of us saw the 7-series problem coming (nice, but not compelling enough in style or substance to make an impact).

  • kimbentsen

    In 2019 the party is over and the people have gone home. EVs are the next party.

  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    mercedes party is gonna be way cooler with girls and good music while BMW’s party will mostly be geeks talking cars