2017 Nissan Rogue Facelift Apparently Makes Early Appearance In Ad

Did Nissan show the refreshed 2017 Rogue in its latest Heisman House campaign? It certainly seems so, as the opening shot in (some of) the goofy spots that were created in partnership with ESPN include what we think is the updated Rogue.

Differences over today’s model that has remained essentially the same since its introduction in the fall of 2013 as a 2014MY, appear to include a wider and taller chrome grille surround that further cuts into the redesigned bumper, itself housing reshaped fog lights. The alloy wheels look new too, in this trim, at least.

We can’t see anything else from the single shot that places together some of Nissan’s other 2017MYs such as the Maxima, Sentra and Titan truck, but as pointed by TFLcar, which noticed the 2017 Rogue in the ad, it may sport some tweaks on the rear end and interior as well.

Given its appearance in the Heisman House campaign that was released on the web on August 30, it shouldn’t be much of a wait before we find out full details.

Thanks to André D for the tip!

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  • dumblikeyou2

    Looks the damn same.

    • Rasta_Farian

      Except it’s slightly uglier.

      • bgf

        almost like they dropped the hood to be flat … looking like a subaru forester????

  • Kash

    Looks like an English Bulldog, cute, but totally unthreatening, usually chubby, with lots of health issues, and nowhere near fast or agile. lol.

  • Keska Bright

    I see quashqai thou

  • SteersUright

    Drove this car and thought tons of value for the lease payment. Looked good inside and out and had tons of room. But then I just couldn’t get it because of this deal breaker: the ride quality. The Rogue just felt so flimsy going down the road while emitting unacceptable levels of road noise and engine drone (due to CVT). It was so unpleasant. And the drive coming after the Tiguan and an Acura, which both felt in another league of polish going down the road, the Rogue was outclassed.
    If they can add some double laminate glass, dynamat, and larger shocks, they’d have a really nice truck i think.

  • bgf

    rented a fully loaded 2016 nissan rogue SL w/all the options … went on a 1000 road trip across country. hopefully nissan has addressed SOME of these issues with the 2017 release …here’s my report:

    the good:
    – seats are comfortable.
    – for the CUV, it has decent size, storage, leg room, head room, etc.
    – of the other major players, i think the rogue LOOKS the best … both exterior and interior
    – large panoramic roof rocks! well done nissan.
    – well positioned roof rails and cross bars … they actually run horizontal to the driving plane like all should , but most don’t today (because of curved roof lines)
    – siri eyes free – nice job.
    – i disagree with other posts … the ride/suspension i thought was very well done (for a multi-link system)
    – AWD (front dominant) engaged great in the mud!

    the bad:
    – loud cabin at highway speeds (OEM tires).
    – 172hp engine can’t maintain highway speeds of 82-85mph with any sort of wind conditions … this vehicle, for its size, weight, dimensions, and purpose, should boast an engine putting out around 190hp/195lb torque
    – no adaptive cruise, and the other electronic safety features on it, barely work or aren’t significant enough to warn the driver … deal breaker when comparing this to the cr-v and rav4
    – more interior storage compartments please … cup holders … phone holders/places to set them …
    – more USB connections … middle seats as well as rear/3rd row seats
    – while the vehicle isn’t meant to tow, it would be nice to have a 3000lbs tow rating … perhaps a heavy duty radiator and CVT/tranny cooler
    – SL model … please add ventilated front seats please
    – SL model … please add power passenger seats please
    – SL model … integrated (not mirror) HomeLink into the overhead compartment … it just looks cleaner / more professional when done that way …
    – SL model … standard interior and exterior ambient lighting please
    – 100% customizable digitized display (ala the 2014+ jeep grand cherokee)

    the unknown:
    – CVT longterm durability, reliability is and has always been in question since its inception by nissan. this may mean that the nissan rogue has a 3-5 year shelf life for the owner … before the owner should look at parting ways with it … i know nissan (corporate, not dealers) bumped their older CVT warranties to 10/100k but that’s not present on the 2016 model. also, the SERVICE INTERVALS are much more frequent than on automatic/standard/manual transmissions … transmission services are EXPENSIVE (200-500) … so if you’re servicing every 20-30k miles on a CVT, you’re looking at a couple grand over of the course/life of the vehicle … NOTE: the rav4 service interval is a closed-loop system … $0 (even though the dealer will try to sell you a service)
    – HEY, what ever happened to the flip rear glass … dog owners want this option BACK!!!!!!! and nissan, if you’re listening, adding a POWER REAR GLASS (ala the toyota 4runner) on a small CUV will see sales explode in demand on the higher level trims

    • David

      agree, they have already done this on the new murano and maxima. They should add some of these features on the facelift rogue/xtrail plus stronger engine

    • BGM

      I almost bought this car but went with the Altima instead. The power was the second thing that made me decide against it, just too little of it, otherwise I loved it. Two years later I bought a Murano. It’s everything I wanted and I’m very happy with it.

  • Steve Crawford

    Those are same wheels offered in Europe for X-Trail aka Rouge and also used on Qashqai currently. The rear/tail lights also look different, the lower part of rear/tail lights are more smoked color, There was more chrome in the old rear/tail lights and they appear to have added a chrome sidebars as well below the doors.

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