Drunken Alfa Romeo Driver Bangs Into Car, Walls At Parking Garage

How many times did this guy crash his car before leaving the underground garage?

Probably as many times as we would when pulling a similar maneuver in a video game, but the only difference here is that he has to pay real money for the repairs and subsequent fine.

The security camera footage shows the highly intoxicated man trying to stand on two feet while opening the garage door to let his Alfa Romeo 159 SportWagon out, and it’s not long until his Italian estate checks the first obstacle on the list: an Infiniti SUV.

Moving his car closer to the security camera reveals what seems to be a European license plate, right before taking it to a different part of the underground parking lot, only to hit three more walls on his way out, completely reshaping the front end of the Italian wagon.

The final part recorded by the surveillance system shows the man hitting yet another solid object, this time on the street, before driving off into the night and probably on his way to destroying even more private property. All we can do is hope that nobody was injured during the alcohol-fueled rampage.


  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    No “clouded judgement” here.
    Just a drunk waster who needs his licence rescinded.

  • getoffme

    Million Dollar Idea:
    Who is going to be the first automaker that will employ an alcohol detection system in the A/C unit to disable the car?

    • Guest

      So you can’t drive drunk people as a sober driver now?

      • getoffme

        Of course, a smart company would employ something that restrict the function if the driver is not intoxicated.

    • Miknik

      I Sweden, you get a device where you make an alcohol test basically every time before the ignition is unlocked after you were first caught with drunk driving…

      • XtremWize

        What happens if someone else test for you before you start up?

  • Christian

    Like how I go after a day in the bar…

  • Lucas

    Poor Alfa that dude needs rehab

  • Kuba

    And everything in my country… what a shame.

  • badcyclist

    How do you know he was drunk?

    Seriously, I feel guilty watching this and finding it amusing, because this guy clearly could have killed god knows how many people.

    Most of all, I hope that it was his car…..

  • zzz

    It’s Poland

    ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)

    • Random stranger


  • TrevP

    I am amazed he made it out of the garage. Given he had the help from every single wall in the parking garage.

  • Six_Tymes


  • Vassilis

    Poor Alfa. It was a nice spec.

  • smartacus

    Shouldn’t there be a law against drunk driving?
    if they made a law everyone will respect and follow the law.
    Just like gun laws 🙂

  • What kind of chemical can do this to a brain? NO way. This guy’s just plain retarded.

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