New 2018 Toyota Supra Coupe; This Is It!

It’s been a (very, very) long time in the making, but we finally have our first look at Toyota’s next-generation Supra through an actual prototype, with our spies even catching a glimpse of its interior.

It took Toyota a full decade after the demise of the fourth-generation Supra, codenamed A80, at the end of 2002, to announce a successor in 2012, when it revealed that it had teamed up with the BMW Group to co-develop a pair of sports cars.

Few details were released at the time, but we’ve since learned that the reborn Toyota Supra will be related to BMW’s Z4 successor, slated to be called Z5, with both models be built by the Canadian-owned Magna Steyr operation near Graz.

These spy shots of the new Supra, as well as of the Z5, confirm that the two cars will not only look completely different, but will have different body-styles as well, with the Toyota being a coupe, and the BMW, a soft-top roadster (unlike today’s Z4 that employs a pricier and heavier retractable hardtop).

Keeping in mind that the prototype pictured here is employing non-production front and rear end parts and panels, the new Supra looks closer related to the Toyota 86 than to the 2014 FT-1 Concept, which was believed at the time to heavily influence the design of Toyota’s coupe. Nevertheless, it has a far more aggressive stance with a more elongated bonnet and stubby rear than Toyota’s entry-level rear-wheel drive sports car.

We’re unsure how much of the interior bits are production ready, but while the (backlit?) instrument panel gauges do look very Toyota-like, the air-conditioning controls on the center stack and the steering wheel give us a BMW-kind of vibe.

Whereas the new Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 will wear different costumes on the outside, they’re going to share many components under the skin, including a new platform that takes advantage of BMW’s weight-saving methods, electronic architecture, multilink rear suspension, and possibly even transmissions, albeit with unique settings for each model.

Depending on whom you ask, the two cars may or may not share common gasoline engines driving the rear wheels. Some sources have speculated that the BMW will develop and provide four-cylinder and inline-six turbocharged mills for both cars, with Toyota hybridizing a top-end Supra model with its own electric motors, while others claim that the Japanese carmaker will use a new twin-turbocharged V6 pumping out some 400 horses alongside its own turbocharged four-pots. Toyota and BMW have yet to comment on the matter, but it’s worth mentioning that from what they’ve said up until now, their powertrain partnership involves hybrid systems and diesel engines.

BMW is rumored to roll out the Z5 in the second half of 2017, with Toyota following within the next year.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • Evo45

    I hope it won’t look weird from front, you better not be Toyota!

  • TrevP

    It looks more like a BMW than a supra to me

  • RDS Alphard

    The interior is made out of ,

    – G11 7er (latest) gauge
    – E89 Z4 (current) dash
    – F30 3er (latest) A/C control penal
    – F30 3er M-Sport steering wheels

    • Six_Tymes

      yikes, your right.

  • Akira

    That’s a BMW interior. So either the car is far from ready, or we are seeing here the german sibling.

    • Kash

      probably just one that was thrown together.

    • RDS Alphard

      I’d say just prototype , unless Toyota really part bin new & old BMW stuff .

  • Let the good times roll once more

  • fabri99

    Isn’t that more likely to be the new GT86 or even the little SF-R Concept? I mean, look at the size of it. It’s rather…tiny, more than a GT86.

    • Kash

      I don’t think Toyota would be working with BMW on a GT86 replacement to sit along the Z4/5 hence the interior being a hodgepodge of BMW parts. the FT-1 concept wasn’t very big either, I’d say about this size, and the design of the rear end is very FT-1 looking.

    • RDS Alphard

      E85 Z4 (previous generation) is shorter than 86 & E89 Z4 (current generation) is about the same length as 86 , the Z4 is wider & slightly lower but that’s about it … since Supra is based on Z4 successor , I’m not surprised if it is tiny .

      • fabri99

        Perhaps, but I still hope it’s not it. This test mule looks rather bland compared to the FT1.

  • Melo

    I’m a little bit worried about the design… ok, it’s a mule but the front light leave me some doubt

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    That is some serious poking out tail lamps…WTH?

  • Tinky-Winky

    I see quite a few similarities to FT-1 concept

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It’s here.


  • getoffme

    Hallelujah!!!! It is a BMW interior but that does not mean it is final for the Toyota counterpart.

  • MarkoS

    Interesting size, more the size of an original Supra or Z-Car. I will hold out hope for the looks. Pricing will be key to this cars success.

  • Jim Jones ©

    Wow such a downslide from the original concept design, those exhaust pipes and brake calipers would look more at home on a Corolla, they don’t really scream performance vehicle nor does the overall size of the mule.

    If I’m to be honest it’s not much bigger than the GT86/BRZ and borrowing from Subaru’s line of marketing philosophy…… promise big deliver very little.

    • peter

      you understand, that this a mule and far from the final product?

      • Jim Jones ©

        “……they don’t really scream performance vehicle nor does the overall size of the mule”

        I guess you didn’t read that bit.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Those side view mirrors seem like the ones on the F30

  • Zandit75

    Hate to say it, but Toyota have already dropped the ball on this. This looks nothing like the FT-01 Concept apart from a couple of very small details. Yes, I understand the concept is only an indication of the end design, but the GT86 came out pretty close to the concept. White goods strike again!!

  • Daihatsu Cappucino in disguise

    I didn’t realise the Supra was going to be a “Kei” car, will it also have a 1.5 litre turbo engine to match?

  • TheHake

    Looks small…

  • Six_Tymes

    you should really re-write this “look completely different, but will have different body-styles as well”
    need I explain?

  • CFK


  • Incog Nito

    Toyota Supra is like a great old song, covered by BMW again in this case.

  • Vassilis

    Hello there!

  • JimmyK

    Well the most important thing (and the thing we have the less info about it) is the engine. I am still waiting for a drop of info about it. And I hope for a Toyota engine.

  • eganraC

    ughhh, looks like a BRZ 🙁


    It looks kind of like a camouflaged z4 coupe

  • txsupra11
  • the Toyota supra is my choice, I really like this car and I have one …

  • Steve with Fries

    What a let down. I planned on buying the 86, but it turned out to be a disappointment. So I bought a G37 instead. So now I set my sights on the Supra/FT1, only to have Toyota take it down the same shitty path. NO ONE WANTS A CLONE CAR OF ANOTHER BRAND! That whole concept is tired and lame.

    Toyota hasn’t learned from the American failures of having the exact same car live in multiple brands. I’m not going to buy a Z5 with a Toyota logo slapped on the back. That’s retarded. At least Lexus cars look different than the Camry. The BRZ and the 86 are exactly the same! WTF dude?

    I won’t be buying a crap Z5 knockoff. Better options are out there. I encourage everyone to do the same until Toyota has the balls enough to start making more unique cars again. As far as I’m concerned, the Supra died in 1997 and this resurrection wound up being an ill-fated attempt at something that once was great. And this isn’t about a cool concept car losing a little luster, this is about lazy engineering, marketing, cutting corners and over-governance of Toyota’s board of directors. I know you can’t see me “people of Toyota Corp,” but both my middle fingers are staring you right in the face. Thanks for wasting so much of my time over the last couple years anticipating this car. RIP Supra.

    Do your job next time.

    • Liberty

      It will be difficult to find a better vehicle than you have – Infiniti G37. Most new vehicles have undesirable features such as engine stop/start, cylinder deactivation, direct injection, and turbos – all mandated for fuel economy, which is not my priority.

  • txsupra11
  • txsupra11
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