Barely Used VW Golf Mk3 Is A Very Unusual Find

As one of the world’s best selling cars, Volkswagen Golfs can be seen on pretty much any street corner around the world.

Consequently, there are tons of them up on the used car market, but stumbling across a third-generation model with just a few thousand miles on the clock is rather unusual.

Currently up for sale in Germany from Mobile, the seller of this particular Golf claims the hatchback has covered only 2,330 km since it rolled out of the factory in November 1995, making it more of a garage queen than quite a few priceless hypercars.

While the car may be almost new from a mechanical standpoint, it can’t hide its age. In particular, there’s the 90’s-spec burgundy paint scheme which to put it nicely, hasn’t aged particularly well. In the cabin, there’s plastic on top of plastic everywhere from the door panels to the steering wheel and the center console. Out of date doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder delivers a total of 116 PS (114hp). While that’s not heaps, it’s about on par with a brand new mid-range Ford Fiesta, but the latter has the Golf licked on torque – and everything else, for that matter. For the record, the asking price is €13,995 ($15,471).

Hat tip to Christian Koed


  • TheHake

    Now if that was the VR6 in Sequoia Green, he would have had something on his hands!

  • Zygius

    Do i get 10 000 Eu bank account bonus? 🙂

  • Skip

    Neat Time capsule on the worst golf of them all, and automatic to boot… ick. Its like having a low mileage pacer

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Actually, I’ll raise you the Mk4 which had the GTI with no GTI power.

      • alexxx

        yes…mk4,the dullest design ever…of any car…

      • Skip

        the 4 had the 1.8T though, at least here in the US didn’t it? (I had the A4 with the 1.8 at that time) – I do remember the 2.slow though; were those at the same time? The 1.8T was a great motor with huge tuning potential.

      • Christian

        People who say that have never driven the Mk4 …. It was fast for its time and competitors? Mine was tuned by ABT and had around 190 Bhp… Even stuck with 150 Bhp and Turbo, it was fast enough for most people, especially when you compare it to the competitors, like the FOcus ST 170 Bhp non Turbo (Focus SVT in america…) Toyota Corolla T-SPORT 190 Bhp non Turbo or the boring ass Fiaat Stilo 2,4 Abath non Turbo….

        Only the Civic Type-R was the king at the time

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    In the cabin, there’s plastic on top of plastic everywhere from the door panels to the steering wheel and the center console.
    Plastic!? You say? Never heard of it!
    What they use now is far better…

  • Christian

    Shame, the other day I found a Mk3 Golf with only 50km!!! 50KM!! ! But I can´t find it anymore… 🙁

    But thanks for sharing carscoop! 😛

  • kkk

    what a crack pipe

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