BMW’s Vision Next 100 Bike Concept Looks Like A Batpod From The Future [76 Pics + Video]

BMW today released the fourth and final concept of its Vision Next 100 series which represents a progressive solution for the world of motorcycling.

The new BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 was revealed at an exhibition in Los Angeles, joining the previous concepts from BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce. The new concept envisions a future of biking in a connected world, where motorcycling is more about escaping the everyday routine and less of a mean of transportation.

One of the highlights of BMW’s futuristic bike is that the rider no longer needs to wear a helmet and a padded suit in order to ride it, thanks to the motorcycle’s so-called Self-Balancing mechanism. This tech keep the bike balanced both while in motion and while stationary, preventing it from tipping over. Thanks to this assistance, all riders of any level of skill can keep pushing over their personal limits for an even more exciting ride.

Another highlight is the black frame triangle, a clear nod to BMW’s first ever motorcycle, the 1923 R32. On the Vision 100 concept, it has been reinterpreted in order to form a functional sculpture, linking the two wheels together and making the frame appear as a single piece.

Despite adopting the dynamic appearance of a naked bike, the Motorrad Vision 100 features some clever arrangement of surfaces in order to protect the rider from wind and weather as effectively as a full fairing. In addition, the steering system is frame-assisted which means that when the rider turns the steering wheel, it adjusts the entire frame in order to change direction. The so-called Flexframe is also adjustable, allowing a light steering at standstill and a more rigid one at higher speeds.

The powertrain was designed to mimic the style of the traditional BMW boxer engine but it’s actually just a case for the zero-emissions drive unit. It also changes its shape, extending outwards when the bike sets off to enhance aerodynamics and protect the rider ‘from the elements’.

The bike and rider are always connected via a special visor, essentially a pair of special glasses showing relevant data, like ideal riding lines and banking angles among others. And instead of the usual protective clothing which is rendered useless by the bike’s safety systems, BMW created a unique airy suit for the rider, which warms or cools him or her and inflates the neck section for extra support and comfort.



  • Tumbi Mtika
  • J Hod

    absolute delight!!!

  • Phil

    Yeah, because risk of just falling over is the reason riders wear helmets…


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  • europeon

    > the rider no longer needs to wear a helmet and a padded suit in order to ride it, thanks to the motorcycle’s so-called Self-Balancing mechanism

    WOW! Are they for real or they are just that stupid?

    • Six Thousand Times

      I’ll go with no, for $100.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Yuh… self balancing bikes are here dude. Check out the Lit C-1

      • europeon

        I was talking about the “no need to wear a helmet” part.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Hell, I’d TRON around on it but it’s foolhardy to think any bike is safe enough to ride without a helmet.

  • Bash

    shouldn’t this come with a matching helmet?? even with self balancing techno $h***t

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Apparently the future has lots of pretty scenery and concrete and LP records and analog audio will replace digital audio.

    Good to know…

  • TheHake

    Uhhhhhhh…. no.