Jon Olsson’s Widebody Lamborghini Huracan Is As Crazy As They Come [w/Video]

If you’re familiar with some of Jon Olsson’s previously-owned vehicles, then you won’t be surprised to catch a first glimpse of his latest finished project – a custom Lamborghini Huracan.

Wrapped up in a camo that matches his villa in Marbella, Spain, the Italian supercar features a widebody kit with updated bumpers, swollen fenders and larger side skirts, along with an aftermarket wheel set and a roof-mounted ski box, for which he turned to 56Nord, according to his blog.

The 33-year old’s Lamborghini Huracan has the grunt to match its looks, as the standard 5.2-liter, naturally aspirated, V10 engine has been massaged to deliver more than 800 horsepower, with the help of a supercharger kit provided by VF Engineering. Not much is known about the supercar’s performance following the upgrade except that it can cover the 100-200 km/h (62-124 mph) sprint in just 5.3 seconds, which is just 0.3 seconds short of a Bugatti Veyron.

An Akrapovic exhaust system was chosen for “the best sound possible”, as Olsson says, while keeping the car’s body closer to the road is a suspension kit provided by K&W. As a final touch, he asked Girodiscs to come up with some custom cold temperature steel disc brakes that help the Huracan stop better on snow and gravel.



  • R1S0

    preposterous and tacky

    • BGM

      And doing it to a 2001 Civic is bad enough but doing it to a Lamborghini is cause to hold his head underwater until the bubbles stop.

  • Jon Hitchhiker

    Widebody? Come on Cristian, do your homework! It’s body is COMPLETELY STOCK, minus the skibox mounts. The car is lowered, hence the more aggressive stance with the aftermarket wheels. Jon said himself that he scrapped the idea of building a widebody lambo (because it would ruin the driveability of the car and instead went with the performance oriented direction – heavily modified supercharger etc). You’re welcome!

  • 1lazysheep

    that’s not a widebody.

    you guys need to re-read the blog (1st paragraph, 2nd sentence). Olsson specifically states that he originally planned for a widebody, but opted for pure performance instead.

  • Kevin Tay

    I still prefer the RS6 Avant 🙁