Volvo XC40 Compact Crossover Won’t Come Before Early 2018

Volvo’s SUV lineup is bound to gain a new member, the compact XC40, which has been already previewed by a concept that uses the same moniker.

Speaking to Autocar at the unveiling of the all-new V90 Cross Country, the brand’s research and development boss, Peter Mertens, said that the XC40 will be the first of the recent 40-series when it will arrive in early 2018.

Besides being another addition to the brand’s SUV family, the upcoming XC40 is also believed to be a landmark for the Swedish-based manufacturer, as it is expected to significantly boost sales.

Last year’s numbers show that Volvo is relying heavily on SUVs: out of 503,127 cars delivered globally, nearly 267,000 were Cross Country and XC models. The best-seller was the XC60, with 159,617, followed by the V40 hatchback, with 83,357 examples.

Volvo also managed to move 40,261 units of the latest generation XC90, 30,175 units of the XC70 and 23,274 V40 Cross Countrys, during the same time, while in the first six months of 2016, 51,810 units of the new XC90 found new homes, along with 10,316 examples of the V60 Cross Country. Sales of the XC60 and V40 Cross Country on the other hand slightly dropped, but it is understandable, since both are aging models bound to be replaced.


  • AstonMartin

    Bring on the XC60. Still awaiting news on its arrival to North America including renders and specs.

    • getoffme

      LA Auto Show

      • AstonMartin

        Thank you for the update!

  • U8INIT

    IDK what it is about this design language where I don’t mind all of their vehicles doing the copy & paste shuffle…This will be one of the best looking one’s in the segment no question…

    • mccarluvr123

      It’s because there’s still differentiation between models. The vertically-slatted grille and Thor’s Hammer headlights at the front and vertically-oriented tail lights at the rear are trademark Volvo cues, but this is clearly no XC90. The shape of the headlights, the roofline, the wondow line, and the steeply-raked rear all set this apart as a distinct model, not simply a shrunken XC90 or XC60 (Unlike Audi, whose crossovers all look the same, with the exception of the Q2).

  • alexxx

    by now its very obvious,volvo is currently making best cars….

  • ME

    I would love to see this in person. 🙂