Stolen Mercedes-Benz CLS Violently Crashes During LA Police Chase

A high speed police chase in West Los Angeles came to an end late Sunday night when a stolen Mercedes-Benz CLS violently crashed into a freeway barrier.

Local officers started to chase the luxury sedan after discovering that it had been stolen after running the license plates. Additionally, ABC7 reports that officers involved thought they spotted the driver carrying a gun.

The chase
began through Venice and Santa Monica and on to the 405 Freeway. The chase then continued for over an hour as the driver sped along both the 5 Freeway and 14 Freeway.

With a handful of police vehicles in pursuit and helicopters following his every move, the CLS was filmed slamming head first into a barrier seemingly not seen be the driver. Just seconds later, police units converged on the stolen vehicle and remarkably, the driver emerged without any visible injuries, surrendering to officers.

The driver was taken into custody and is expected to face a slew of charges.


  • peter

    why wasnt he shot? oh, hes white…

  • Nicholas Prinsloo

    looks like someone watched “the longest yard” too much