VW’s New Atlas 7-Seat Crossover Was Designed For ‘Mericans

According to the people responsible for the design of the Atlas, VW’s new seven-seater SUV is the result of a two year process driven by the report American buyers tend have with their vehicles.

The Atlas is of course derived from the CrossBlue concept that first broke ground back in 2013. However, unlike the CrossBlue, the Atlas is a lot bigger and more substantial in appearance, according to the automaker.

“Size does matter, especially for families,” says Klaus Bischoff, head of VW Design. “The first designs we showed were literally too small, too compact, designed too much out of a European perspective. We had to get used to the vehicle size that’s more appropriate for America. The roads are wider, the cities are bigger, and we grew into that. The fascial expression of a car defines its character. We wanted to give the car a wide appearance, and an earnest look. It should look substantial, without looking too aggressive.”

This philosophy is what drove the design team every step of the way. From the grille and the standard LED headlights to the stitching in the seats. It’s why the LED Daytime Running Lights were integrated into the grille itself. Overall, however, the look of the Atlas is meant to age well – and by well, we mean not go out of fashion in two or three years time. At least that’s what VW thinks.

The clean yet overall, robust design also made its way into the cabin where the Atlas features a balanced and uncomplicated layout – not just for the dashboard, but for the software interfaces as well (like the available VW Digital Cockpit. Finally, in order to create a welcoming atmosphere inside, the Atlas design team actually drew inspiration from high-end furniture.

“Everything’s well balanced with no complicated corners and no clutter,” added interior designer Tomasz Bachorski. “This was really important to us to make this really simple, because our lives outside the car are complicated enough.”

The new Volkswagen Atlas SUV is currently on display at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show.



  • TheBelltower

    “…driven by the report American buyers tend have…”

    Huh? “Rapport” perhaps?

    • supermanuel

      Well, let’s be honest, none of us are here for the quality of the editorial, are we?

      • TheBelltower

        You’re right. And I’m hardly a wordsmith. But I had to read it several times to understand what they meant.

    • Big Black Duck

      most muricans wouldn’t have noticed that anyways

      • TheBelltower

        I did. But whatevs. 😉

  • Grumpy

    Looks cheap and dated inside.

    • Miknik

      Agreed, it seems the whole dash is made of shiny hard plastics (incl. the top with it#s fake stitching), something that should not be found in a car of this segment, especially not one wearing a German wannabe premium badge.

      • Grumpy

        VW needs to come with a better up to date interior design for all their models. It’s like they stopped give a shit.

      • Enter Ranting

        It has the fake stitching of a 1970s Oldsmobile, but won’t be as reliable.

  • supermanuel

    Sounds like, “We’ve made it as safe and unchallenging as possible because Americans have no imagination.”

  • Dennis James

    Anything resembling a bus and not being a bus must have been designed for Americans.

    • Markey

      spot on

  • Finkployd

    it’s borderline insulting

    • Tumbi Mtika

      It is insulting

      • BGM

        Agree. Not borderline at all. This is nothing but a dickslap on the face of the American motoring public. All of a sudden the firebombing of Dresden doesn’t seem so bad.

        • Tumbi Mtika

          I’ll get my Jagermeisters and matches ready 🙂

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I feel insulted. It’s ‘Muricans.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    They think we’re dumbasses.

  • Big Black Duck

    you mean … made for Trumpistan!

  • Karl

    Boring at best! Totally disappointed…. Can’t wait for the all new Explorer!

    • Bash

      … or the all new Grand Cherokee, if any.. smh

      • BGM

        Or walking. Anything but this.

  • MP4-12C

    It looks like a crap. That means its not better or worse than any other SUV.

  • MericanMontero

    reminds me of a 2016 Mitsubishi Montero. Too close to call as to which one is uglier.

  • Timmay

    Oh look, honey. The new Ford SUV is here.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    I’m a die-hard VW guy but wow, this thing could not be more bland. They’ve been heading down this bland road in the US market for a while and this just tops it off…

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