What Does It Take To Destroy A Mercedes G-Class?

Mercedes goes on and on about how capable and indestructible the G-Class is off-road, but how much of a beating can a latest-gen model take?

One would assume that without proper mods, the modernized SUV wouldn’t make it on a die-hard off-road course, but the G-Class is one tough cookie. And we’re not talking about a dry press track for demonstration purposes only, but a proper route designed to kneel any type of machine.

Thanks to this video, captured somewhere in the Ukraine (in the Carpathian Mountains), we can make an idea just how unbreakable the G-Class is. During an off-roading event, a G63 AMG owner went to town in his Mercedes, putting it through the equivalent of automotive hell.

Equipped only with off-road tires and a winch, the man didn’t let anything stop him. Even when the organizers thought he reached the end of the road with the G-Class, he heroically kept going – even if that meant crashing the car into the ground, as if he was trying to move the earth itself out of the car’s way.

So, the answer to the first question is NOTHING!


  • Erzhik

    The guy is a moron. He could’ve done the same course, with less damage to the engine. Yes, that engine definitely needs extensive service now. And I don’t get the thinking: “Hey, my G just his the ground nose first when crossing that water. Let me reverse and do it much faster, without adjust an angle of approach. Yep, that will definitely work.

  • salamOOn


  • badcyclist

    Assuming this guy was dead drunk, I thought he did a great job navigating the course.

  • ediotsavant

    They should given it to Clarkson and company and let them put it to the test that the Toyota pickup passed in flying colors. Now that would be incredible.

  • europeon

    Ain’t got nothing on this Volvo


    • Cameron

      Welp I just found my next demolition derby car.

  • esuomenona

    That’s a 55, not a 63… And while an AMG equipped G could probably get the job done, those things are hardly turned for off-roading. I’d say I’m surprised it made it through.

  • stelvio

    The answer to that question is TIME. Yes Mercedes hardware is tough and they stand up to abuse. But their electronics aren’t and it’s enemy is time and they don’t last as well compared to Japanese even Korean cars

  • Blade t

    Pretty entertaining

  • Bash

    actually this was fun!

  • InsomniacRyan

    That man ran out of both fucks to give and common sense before he ever hit puberty.
    It’s amazing he survived long enough to drive in this event.

  • Bruno Silva

    Social services should just take that Mercedes away from that guy. That’s a clear case of suv abuse.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Good driver! One of the best

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