Faraday Future Prototype Challlenges Tesla Model S P100D Flagship

Back when Faraday Future showed us just how well its prototype does in a straight line against the Tesla Model X (among other cars), we started wondering if it would be as successful against the very best Tesla had to offer.

As far as drag racing is concerned, Tesla’s top dog is the Model S P100D with Ludicrous mode. According to the Californian maker, it’s the third fastest accelerating production car ever built, able to get from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 2.5 seconds.

The Faraday Future prototype is also a sub 3 second car, and judging by what we’ve seen, it’s able to out-run not just the Model X, but also a Bentley Bentayga and a Ferrari 488 GTB.

As for what happens here, the Model S P100D is probably the most formidable challenger the FF prototype could face in terms of pure, off-the-line acceleration, which means that a win for Faraday Future would further cement their position as a viable threat to Tesla, as long as those recent reports of financial problems turn out to be false.

In the end, you should find out for yourselves who won this extremely close race – though it is more like a teaser than the actual thing, despite the fact you can see who crosses the line first.