Lambo Huracan Brave To Take On 1,000+ HP Toyota Supra

With 610 PS (601 HP) and 560 Nm (413 lb-ft) on tap, the V10-powered Lamborghini Huracan is one of the fastest accelerating production cars in the world.

In fact, it’s so quick, some even insist it can out-duel its larger brother, the Aventador, in a straight line drag race. Now, be that as it may, you need every bit of juice you have when you’re going up against a much more powerful opponent.

Which is exactly what we have here in this 1,000+ HP Toyota Supra. Of course, the Huracan can always rely on its AWD system to get off the line without losing traction, however this race begins with a rolling start, which is a major bummer for the Lambo.

Don’t worry though, the Italian bull puts up one heck of a fight, besides, its opponent needs to worry about all that power getting sent to its rear wheels, which isn’t that easy to handle – not even from a rolling start.

Also, if you’re going to punish your RWD car with that much aftermarket muscle, the least you could do is consider an AWD conversion. Just a thought.